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Windows Phone OS not for tablets says Microsoft

Windows 8
Windows 8 will see Microsoft attack the tablet market

The president of Windows Phone says there is no chance of the mobile OS appearing on tablets.

Speaking at the Microsoft Partner Conference in Los Angeles, Windows Phone chief Andy Lees says that tablets are considered more like PCs than smartphones.

"We view a tablet as a PC," he said during his keynote, before claiming that Microsoft "wants people to be able to do the sort of things they do on a PC on a tablet."

Windows 8

Lees reaffirmed that any forthcoming Microsoft tablets will run the Windows 8 operating system rather than Windows Phone 7 or the Windows 7 PC OS.

The remarks are slightly surprising, as the first gazes at Windows 8 have shown it to be a lot more WP7-like than its PC counterpart.

Lees also claimed that Windows phones, PCs and tablets will eventually come together in a "unified ecosystem" rather than separate operating systems for each sector.

Source: Apple Insider