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Ford Mobii experimental in-car camera system unveiled

Ford trend event
Ford wants cameras to help secure and automate your car

Not content with showing off its V2V technology, Ford has unveiled Mobii, a new in-car camera system, as part of its Trend Conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

The system will feature facial recognition software to increase car security. Should an unrecognised driver sit behind the wheel, the system will send a photo of the driver to the car's owner. The owner can then lock down the car or provide permission for it to be driven via a Ford mobile app.

The owner can also choose to allow the car to be driven with certain restrictions, like a limited top speed. This may help parents having sleepless nights when their kids are on the road.

Getting to the point

The system will also recognise driver hand gestures. By combining these with voice commands drivers will be able to interact with their vehicle in ways that reduce distraction, increasing safety.

For example, by pointing upwards and saying "open" drivers will be able to open their sunroof without taking their eyes off the road to find the necessary button.

Ford didn't provide a timeframe for when Mobii might arrive, but at the moment it's all very much research and experimental technologies.