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SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive survey software with plenty of distribution options and advanced data reporting features.

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TechRadar Verdict

SoGoSurvey is an affordable, yet advanced survey platform. It offers basic survey logic, excellent email capabilities for distributing surveys, and very advanced data reporting features.


  • +

    Email feature tracks survey distribution

  • +

    Data reporting supports multi-survey graphics

  • +

    Simple survey builder with customizable templates


  • -

    Survey logic can only be based on one question

  • -

    Templates are restricted with Plus plan

  • -

    Fewer question types than competitors

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SoGoSurvey is a relatively affordable survey software that focuses on ease of use. The platform includes essential features like survey logic and built-in reporting, as well as a wide range of question types. However, SoGoSurvey is more limited in flexibility than some of its competitors. For example, you can only base survey logic on a single question and questions with logic attached can’t be moved within your survey.

So, is this survey platform the right solution for you? Let’s dive into a complete SoGoSurvey review to find out.

Plans and pricing

SoGoSurvey offers a free plan that’s surprisingly full-featured. You get an unlimited number of surveys and access to all of the platform’s templates, a wide range of survey distribution features, and several reporting formats. However, you can only receive 200 responses per year across all of your surveys.

The Plus plan costs $25 per month or $299 per year and removes limitations on the number of form responses you can receive. In addition, this plan tier allows you to add your own branding to surveys, export data to Excel, and gives you basic logic functions for question skipping.

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The Pro plan, which costs $40 per month of $480 per year, adds significantly more functionality to SoGoSurvey. You can fully customize the platform’s survey themes, randomize questions and answers to reduce bias, and create graphical displays of your survey results in the SoGoSurvey data portal.

The Premium plan, for $99 per month or $1188 per year, unlocks the full functionality of SoGoSurvey. Surveys are auto-saved so partial responses can be recorded, you can export data to SPSS or Microsoft Access, and you can integrate your surveys with Google Analytics and Zapier.

You can trial any of the paid plans for 10 days. If you have multiple users or need access to employee surveys, SoGoSurvey also has an Enterprise plan option. You’ll need to contact the company for options and pricing.


SoGoSurvey has everything you need to craft advanced surveys and analyze the resulting data.

SoGoSurvey includes survey logic with all paid plans, allowing respondents to skip questions depending on their responses. However, this feature is notably less flexible in SoGoSurvey than it is in the platform’s competitors. You can only base question skipping on the response to a single previous question, not based on multiple responses. In addition, when you add logic to a survey question, you lose the ability to move that question up or down in your survey. That can lead to a lot of wasted effort, as it’s common to move questions around late in the design process.

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Survey Distribution

SoGoSurvey offers an impressive range of ways to get your survey out into the world once it’s ready for launch. You can publish surveys on social media or send them via SMS message. 

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Alternatively, SoGoSurvey’s email service is very advanced. The software will track how many emails have been sent out with your survey and to whom, keeping you informed about response rates along the way. At the end of the survey, it only takes a single click to send out personalized thank-you notes to everyone who took your survey via email.

The depth of reporting tools that you get with SoGoSurvey depends a lot on your plan tier. When fully unlocked, the software offers a very helpful series of reporting tools.

Importantly, you can segment reports in the data analysis portal to look more closely at certain respondents based on external filters or responses to specific questions. In addition, SoGoSurvey is one of the only tools that allows you to combine multiple related surveys. This allows you to see how different survey groups responded to your questions or to look at responses to a repeated survey over time.

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You can also create data graphics within SoGoSurvey, mixing and matching from multiple surveys to build a comprehensive report. That’s a huge plus for speed, although you can get more control over your data reports by exporting the raw data to Excel, Microsoft Access, or SPSS.

Interface and in use

SoGoSurvey is relatively straightforward to use, especially when you consider the wealth of tools and features involved. All of the software’s tools are contained within a single dashboard, which helpfully offers Design, Distribute, and Report tabs for navigation.

The survey builder isn’t a drag-and-drop editor, but it’s simple nonetheless. You’ll find question types in a menu on the left side of the screen, and it only takes a single click to edit the default content. Rearranging questions is a bit more cumbersome, since you need to enter a rearrange mode and then use individual buttons to move them up or down.

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SoGoSurvey does offer a variety of templates, which are organized into specific categories so you can find the one that suits your needs. If you have a Pro or Premium plan, these templates are fully customizable and so provide a great starting point for any survey. If you have a free or Plus plan, the templates can be significantly more constricting. 


The degree of support you get from SoGoSurvey depends on your subscription level. All users get 24/7 email support, but Pro and Premium users take priority when the tech team is busy. Only Premium and Enterprise users can get phone support from SoGoSurvey.

In any case, the company’s website has an extremely comprehensive documentation library. Most fundamental features are covered with tutorial videos, while there is no shortage of articles to walk you through SoGoSurvey’s more advanced options.

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The Competition

SoGoSurvey is up against data collection platforms like Surveygizmo and Qualtrics, both of which arguably offer better survey logic tools and more flexibility. However, the affordability of SoGoSurvey and the platform’s easy-to-use data reporting tools are major advantages. If you want more advanced survey logic, but don’t need advanced question types or built-in reporting, Typeform is another fairly inexpensive alternative to SoGoSurvey. 

Final verdict

SoGoSurvey is a strong survey building tool with strengths in survey distribution and data reporting. In particular, the software’s ability to combine multiple surveys in reports and to build graphics around the results is very helpful and relatively unique. The platform isn’t as flexible as some of its competitors, but it’s hard to complain too much about issues with its survey logic capabilities considering it costs far less to use.  

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