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Total PC Care is a complete software suite to detect and fix errors in your computer. It has many desirable features packed into one program, such as a registry cleaner, driver updater, and malware detection and removal. We recommend Total PC Care to every PC user that cherishes speed and performance.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Many features

  • +

    Quick and easy installation

  • +

    It makes you spend less time on troubleshooting


  • -

    No free version

  • -

    Relatively expensive

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Total PC Care is the brainchild of ReviverSoft, an American software company. ReviverSoft is, in turn, owned by Corel, a Canadian software giant that purchased it in 2014. 

Total PC Care is a collection of ReviverSoft’s software tools delivered in one package. Instead of having to pay for ReviverSoft’s various system optimization apps individually, you can get them all at once with Total PC Care and in a cost-effective way.

We’re reviewing Total PC Care so that you’ll know if it’s a suitable tool for you or not. We’ll judge it based on specific criteria, including features, pricing, customer support, ease of use, etc. 


ReviverSoft asks a high price for Total PC Care as it includes all of the company's tools and software in one package (Image credit: ReviverSoft)

Plans and pricing

Total PC Care is a strictly paid software. There’s no free version available to download. It costs $107 for an annual subscription, and you can pay for it directly on ReviverSoft’s website and download it immediately. The supported payment methods include PayPal or credit/debit cards. 

ReviverSoft provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. 


Total PC Care includes ReviverSoft's PC Reviver, Security Reviver, Disk Reviver, Driver Reviver, Registry Reviver, Privacy Reviver and InstallSafe (Image credit: ReviverSoft)


Registry Reviver

Analyze and then optimize your Windows registry for the best performance (Image credit: ReviverSoft)

Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver is a tool that maintains, repairs, and optimizes your Windows registry. It checks your PC’s registry for any redundant or useless entries and lets you delete any ones it finds. You can delete them individually or in one stretch with the click of a button.

Cleaning up your Windows registry helps improve your computer’s speed and performance.

Driver Reviver review

Scan for outdated drivers and easily update them with one click (Image credit: ReviverSoft)

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver lets you continually update your computer’s drivers to their latest versions. It runs an extensive scan on your PC and reports which drivers are not up-to-date. Afterward, you can just update them within the app. 

Disk Reviver

Disk Reviver is a tool that optimizes your hard drive for better performance. It lets you delete junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary data using up valuable space on your hard drive. You can also defragment the files on your hard drive or check for common hard drive issues and fix them. 

Privacy Reviver

Privacy Reviver helps you protect your internet privacy and browsing history. It scans your PC and identifies any personal information or online activities at risk of being intercepted by hackers and scammers. You can then safely remove all these traces to keep your information secure. 

Security Reviver

Security Reviver scans your PC for security threats and vulnerabilities and removes those it finds.


A good thing about Total PC Care is that it’s not limited to Windows users. macOS users can also clean, optimize, and maintain their computers with this tool. 


This feature monitors the installation of any application for security purposes. You can quickly revert any installation if it detects any malicious file in the installation package. 

Interface and in use

Total PC Care is pretty easy to download, install, and use. It has a neat, uncluttered user interface. Just head to ReviverSoft’s official website to pay for and download the setup file. Afterward, you can start using the app. 


ReviverSoft's FAQs can help you get the most out of Total PC Care (Image credit: ReviverSoft)


ReviverSoft provides customer support through email and telephone. There’s also a detailed FAQ page/user guide for Total PC Care published on its website.

The competition

We've also reviewed some alternatives to Total PC Care, including Norton Utilities Ultimate and Iolo System Mechanic. Total PC Care is the most versatile tool in this cohort, though it’s significantly more expensive.

Final verdict

Total PC Care is a practical tool to keep your computer in the utmost working condition. It has an extensive feature set that beats most rival system optimization tools. With its various features, you can monitor every aspect of your computer and its hardware components and fix any error you find.

At $107 a year, we think Total PC Care is a good band for your buck, considering the extensive features it gives access to. It’ll cost much more money to get these features individually than with Total PC Care in one package.

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