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A popular provider offers simple yet powerful fleet management services

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Quartix provides straightforward yet effective fleet management features, including real-time tracking as well as data gathering and analysis.


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    Geofencing alerts


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Quartix Inc. is a well-known fleet management software and service provider that offers a variety of telematics solutions in Europe and in the United States, with an address listed in Chicago. It is frequently ranked among the best fleet management software providers in the industry, which is why we decided to take a closer look for this evaluation.

We have examined multiple aspects of this service to assist you in determining whether it is a viable option for your company. Specifically, we considered prices, subscription options, support, and a suite of past customer reviews, in addition to its primary features and performance.

Quartix: Plans and pricing

Quartix previously offered highly tailored services, which enabled it to provide a clear breakdown of its prices and what is included in each subscription option. While this was a refreshing change from most fleet management service providers, it now goes the way of custom prices based on the needs of each client. This translates to no transparent pricing, and contact with the company required to obtain a custom quote. 

At the time of writing, there is no updated info on the current plans available. As a point of information, Quartix previously had three fleet tracking plans. The Info Point plan, at the cheapest end of the spectrum, cost $14.90 per vehicle, per month and included real-time tracking, customizable excel reports, driver timesheets, and access to the mobile app, but we cannot confirm the price or the details of the plan.

Similarly, moving up a tier is the Info Plus plan (from $18.90 per vehicle, per month) that adds IFTA mileage reporting, geofencing alerts, engine hour tracking, and driving style metrics. And finally, the top tier Info Plus & Driver ID plan, at a cost of $22.90 per vehicle, per month and adds a driver ID reader and driver ID key. 

It’s worth noting that these former prices assumed a 12-month contract term. New contracts also came with a free tracking device (valued at $199), with the option to purchase extra Driver ID keys for $10 each. Again, we cannot confirm that these are the current price, so contact the company with your needs for the custom quote. 

Quartix: How it works

To begin using Quartix, it is advisable to contact the team to discuss the best option for your company. The company currently operates in the United States, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

After signing up and connecting your fleet to your central management dashboard, you will be ready to go. The dashboard is quite user-friendly and includes a complete set of telematics tools.

For instance, system administrators and managers can access a variety of statistics on driver performance, speed, and safety. You will be able to monitor your vehicles in real-time, and you can also create geofence alerts so that you will be notified immediately when a driver leaves a defined area.

Quartix: Features and services

Quartix is a relatively simple fleet management service provider, but it still offers a wide range of features that can help you streamline your standard workflow practices. As expected, there are a number of vehicle tracking features available, including 24/7 real-time monitoring. You can view the current location of your fleet on a Google Maps interface, monitor and analyze activity, and access historical data. 

Quartix is a great driving style analysis tool because it tracks a variety of data and presents it in customizable reports. This data includes information about braking and acceleration patterns, speed and average speed, and long-term trends. This provides a comprehensive look at driver patterns in a simple to understand format.

Quartix also supports full geofencing with alerts. Basically, this allows you to specify certain areas or geographic zones, creating time-based rules and setting alerts for each one. When a driver enters or exits a zone, you will receive a real-time alert, letting you take immediate action if required. This is important feedback to keep control of any fleet of vehicles.

Tax time can certainly be a hassle for any business of this type, but Quartix has tools to help you simplify your fuel tax reports. It calculates and records your average fuel consumption, tracks the miles you've driven in each IFTA area, and generates comprehensive reports with the necessary information easing this burdensome task. 

Quartix: Support

Quartix’s customer service is excellent. In terms of live support, there is an online portal, and a direct number with hours of operation from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. We did not find options for chat, nor direct email which would have been nice to see.

A collection of how-to video lessons, ebooks, and webinars that cover particular features and capabilities are also available. There is also additional content in the form of a blog, and customer stories to highlight the latest features. 

Additionally, Quartix has outstanding evaluations online, which suggests that their post-sale customer service is superb. For instance, it has a trustpilot.com rating of 4.7 out of 5, which is higher than the majority of other telemetrics providers.

Quartix: The competition

We definitely advise checking out Samsara if you're seeking a bit more potent fleet management solution. One of the best providers from around the globe, it provides a variety of superb vehicle tracking and monitoring choices for companies of all sizes. However, keep in mind that rumors claim it costs more than Quartix, although we cannot confirm the costs. 

Another option is US Fleet Tracking, which serves clients in more than 150 nations worldwide. This makes it a fantastic choice for global corporations operating across many nations, and it offers far more functionality than just basic car tracking.

Quartix: Final verdict

Overall, we were really pleased with Quartix's quality of service. It provides straightforward yet effective fleet management features, including real-time tracking as well as data gathering and analysis. Additionally, it does not appear to be the most expensive solution out there. 

In the end, if you're looking for a fleet management solution that performs what it has to do without a ton of complex features or extraneous frills, we'd suggest giving Quartix a close look.

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