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ProRankTracker provides just the right tools you need to boost your search rankings and understand your sites’ search data.


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    Great UI design

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    Very cost-effective

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    Ideal for small to medium businesses

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    Free 3-day trial


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    Lacking enterprise features

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    No Google Analytics integration

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    No site management features

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    No phone support

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ProRankTracker is a comprehensive SEO tool (opens in new tab) and search ranking analytics suite, ProRankTracker is designed to assist small, medium, and large businesses. They can gather SEO data on all of their websites, analyze that data for extraction of insights and identify SEO trends, and generate in-depth reports to help decision makers pinpoint which keywords perform well, versus those that simply don’t.

The customers of ProRankTracker (opens in new tab) number in excess of 60,000. It is hardly a surprise as it offers multilingual support along with data on both local and international traffic, depending on where your customers are. Furthermore, it can also be configured to gather organic Google search data from mobile devices, along with data from searches conducted using other apps including YouTube and Google Maps.

ProRankTracker: Plans and pricing

Beginners can choose the Starter plan for $13.50 per month. This plan provides you with an entry point of 100 search terms, which can be increased in increments to up to 750 terms for $69/month. It also includes daily rank updates, local and mobile tracking and unlimited reports. If you are just getting started with your search optimization initiative, this plan is cost-effective and has the features you will need to effectively improve your SEO.

You can take things up a level with the Pro plan for $89 which includes 1,000 tracked terms, and can also be increased on up to 2,500 tracked terms for $149/month. This plan includes the features of the lower plan, and adds up to 10 sub accounts, the MyRanks client app and update-on-demand.

Finally, there is an Agency plan that starts with 3,000 search terms, for $180 per month. This plan can scale all the way up to 20,000 search terms for $740 per month, or even higher with custom pricing. Simply choose the exact specs you need and your monthly costs will rise or fall accordingly. It also adds a dedicated Customer Service Manager, and API access.

The above are all the monthly prices, with annual discounts of 20% available. There is also a free trial of 100 search terms for 30 days, with all the premium features and no credit card requirement. Beyond that, it can be used as a free tier with basic features that can track up to 20 search terms.

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ProRankTracker: Features


ProRankTracker comes with an attractive set of SEO and research features, including the below:


A state-of-the-art rank-tracking algorithm gives users with accurate, up-to-date results on your keyword and website ranking, complete with daily updates on your ranking performance, that are broken down by time frame and location.

Ease of use

Have access to the service from anywhere, with no downloads or installs required. There is even capability to track organic desktop along with mobile results on all of Google’s sites.

Comprehensive reports

Customized reports, graphs, and charts can be created so you can easily monitor your SEO spend and ranking performance. You can also create visuals for better comprehension of how well your competitors are doing, and where you can improve your SEO and keyword strategies.

Site audits

The site audit tool lets you see how keywords are helping your sites. Also, which sites are doing well using specific search terms, and which backlinks should be used to improve your placement on Google’s search engine results page.

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ProRankTracker: Interface and use

ProRankTracker’s UI and features have all been carefully designed for quick ease of use, and effortless access to all of the software’s functions. You can customize groups, tags, and saved filters for quickly changing how data is broken down and displayed via graphs and charts, and you can categorize and order your results based on simplicity or complexity- all depending on just how much data you want to see.

The way rankings get organized is seriously impressive. Data is broken down based on many different parameters, including the search term, platform, language in use, overall rank, or specific tags. Additionally, you can efficiently, via a few clicks, dive deeper into your data, such as reordering it to highlight trends and uncover any potential issues.

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ProRankTracker: Support

Regardless of the plan, support is available by submitting a help desk ticket request at any time of the day regarding any question, issue, or request you have. You can also reach the support team via live chat, but the hours and days of operation are not indicated, or on Skype for a 1-on-1 meeting with a dedicated account manager. There is no direct phone number provided.

ProRankTracker also has a huge knowledge base with articles on a variety of topics for answers to any service-related problems you may have. There are also video tutorials available that will demonstrate step by step how to perform specific tasks or use individual features.

ProRankTracker: The competition

Two services comparable to ProRankTracker are SEMRush (opens in new tab) and HubSpot Marketing (opens in new tab). Here is how the three of them compare:


ProRankTracker’s Starter plan starts at $13.50 per user per month, but HubSpot’s entry-level plan costs a higher $50 per user per month, making both these applications suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, however ProRankTracker is the better value. SEMRush is even higher and charges almost $100 per user per month for the basic plan although it comes with more functionality for higher-level plans, making it better suited for larger businesses. 

Business Setting

ProRankTracker plans work better for small and midsize companies (up to 1,000 users). HubSpot’s services are geared more towards startups and small companies, as most of their customers are businesses with fewer than 50 people. SEMRush is designed for use by professionals, as it supports larger deployments of 1,000+ users making it a great tool for the likes of professional marketing departments and public relations agencies. 

User interface

ProRankTracker and HubSpot both have slick and easy-to-use user interfaces. Sorting data, applying filters, or breaking down search terms can be done easily with just a few clicks. As a counterpoint, SEMRush is a little clunky with a somewhat cluttered look, and it is occasionally difficult to find certain filters and features, particularly with its steep learning curve.

ProRankTracker: Final verdict

ProRankTracker attempts to position itself as the go-to SEO and keyword research tool for businesses of all sizes. However we find it lacking in some features that large companies would need, such as phone support, link management and integration with Google Analytics. Taking into account its strong points such as its research services, ease of use, and site audit features have made this the preferred SEO tool of thousands of global clients, and it does a great job of helping you take your search ranking initiatives up a notch. 

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