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ProRankTracker provides just the right tools you need to boost your search rankings and understand your sites’ search data.


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    Highly accurate rank tracking

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    Flexibility in creating white-label reports

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    Multiple location & device tracking

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    User-friendly interface


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    Can be costly at scale

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    Limited advanced features

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ProRankTracker is a comprehensive SEO tool designed for tracking website search engine rankings accurately. It supports multiple search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and offers detailed insights on keyword rankings, search volume, and competitive analysis. It further provides daily updates, mobile and desktop rankings, localized rankings, and tracking for videos and Amazon products. We extensively researched this tool and used it ourselves to determine its true value. So, here is everything you must know about ProRank Tracker before using it. 

ProRankTracker: Plans and pricing

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ProRankTracker offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to different users, from beginners to large agencies. Currently, they have these four plans.

Free Trial

The Free Trial is a great way to start. It lets you monitor up to 500 terms for 14 days, along with all the premium features. It's perfect for anyone who either has a very small task to run or for someone who wants to use all the features of the plan before going for a paid plan. 


The Starter plan, priced at $49, is perfect for SEO beginners or those with minimal tracking requirements. These plans include 500 to 1,000 term options, daily rank updates, local and mobile tracking, unlimited URLs and reports, full SERPs, and 1,000 Insta-Check credits. This plan is ideal for individuals or small business owners looking to establish a strong SEO foundation.


Starting at $109, the Pro plan offers term plans ranging from 1,500 to 2,500. It includes all the features of the Starter plan, as well as update-on-demand, the MyRanks client app, support for 10 users, and 10,000 Insta-Check credits. These plans are ideal for managing more advanced SEO operations.


The Agency plan by ProRankTracker is priced at $189 and can be customized for a vast analysis, ranging from 3,000 terms to unlimited, with all the features of Starter and Pro plans. It also has more benefits including API access, dedicated customer service management (CSM), unlimited users, and 20,000 Insta-Check credits. This plan is perfect for large agencies needing strong, enterprise-level features and support.

ProRankTracker: Features

Rank Tracker

ProRankTracker features

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ProRankTracker delivers precise and up-to-date SEO ranking data and delivers satisfactory results. Surprisingly, it provides quite accurate data in real time. This reliability and daily automatic updates mean you'll always have a fresh, real-time picture of your website's search engine performance.

It further simplifies the rank-tracking process. With this tool in your hands, you can forget about managing proxies or infrastructure, as ProRankTracker does it all for you. It covers all the major bases with international rank tracking across popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube). It also supports both desktop and mobile results.

ProRankTracker's local and mobile tracking is a great tool for businesses competing in local markets. It tracks your organic search rankings on Google alongside your "Google Business Profile" listings with precise local resolution (cities and zip codes). This lets you fine-tune your SEO strategy for maximum visibility where it matters most, i.e., to your local customers.

Competitor Analysis 

During our tests, we loved how ProRankTracker automatically identifies your competitors based on targeted keywords or industry niches and gets back to you with their keyword rankings, overall visibility, and traffic sources, including both organic and paid channels. It critically evaluates backlink profiles, spotlighting incoming links' quality and dynamics while shedding light on content strategies and keyword gaps that show the various untapped opportunities. 

It further adds value to this analysis with PPC insights, revealing competitors' ad spends and strategic keywords. Plus, with real-time alerts on significant competitive shifts and a historical data perspective, you receive a concise yet comprehensive overview coupled with strategic recommendations. This helps you create a refined SEO strategy that leverages competitive insights for a tangible edge in search rankings, making Competitor Analysis an indispensable feature for SEO professionals.


ProRankTracker features

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ProRankTracker's SERP Checker is a powerful tool that provides immediate access to Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). As already mentioned, it provides data from multiple search engines and platforms.

You can check local SERPs from anywhere in the world and assess your website's performance on mobile devices. Along with traditional website rankings, ProRankTracker's SERP Checker also looks into Google Business Profile (GBP) listings, Amazon listings, and YouTube videos and offers insights into your online presence.

Furthermore, ProRankTracker also caters to users with different needs. That's why they provide three convenient methods for checking SERPs: form submission, file upload, and API, to make sure that you can choose the approach that best fits your workflow. Not to mention, the option to export results in different formats (JSON, XLSX, CSV, and PDF) enhances the tool's flexibility.

For a more thorough analysis, you can also consider utilizing the optional Google Search Volume data (accessible through API checking). This additional information provides deeper insights and lets you target keywords with proven search potential.


By using SERP API, you can easily incorporate ProRankTracker’s rank-tracking data into your own systems, dashboards, and custom tools. This helps you make the most of its insights in a way that suits your needs.

For instance, you can see exactly how traffic and search positions affect each other, giving you a complete understanding of what's going on. Plus, you can even automate client reports, which will save you time and give you valuable rank tracking information. 

The API is designed with developer ease-of-use in mind. It provides clear documentation and straightforward implementation to get you started seamlessly. This ensures that you can extract maximum value from your rank tracking data. The API not only allows you to pull data but also manages your ProRankTracker account. This means you can automate keyword additions, updates, and much more.


ProRankTracker features

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ProRankTracker understands that having clear, easy-to-understand reports is important. Instead of overwhelming you with raw data, the platform focuses on turning rankings into valuable insights. You can customize your reports to highlight the most important metrics, giving clients, stakeholders, or your team a detailed view of your SEO progress.

Similarly, by white labeling your reports, you can maintain a professional look that aligns with your brand. It even lets you save time while formatting as ProRankTracker streamlines the design process. With the option to schedule reports for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery, everyone stays informed without any extra effort.

Moreover, these reports are not just about how things look. ProRankTracker helps you examine the data and understand the reasons behind it.  It shows you when rankings change, trends in the data, and how your competition is doing. Plus, it also gives actionable tips and steps to improve your ranking on the SERP.

ProRankTracker: Interface and in-use

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ProRankTracker’s UI and features have all been carefully designed for quick ease of use, and effortless access to all of the software’s functions. You can customize groups, tags, and saved filters for quickly changing how data is broken down and displayed via graphs and charts, and you can categorize and order your results based on simplicity or complexity- all depending on just how much data you want to see.

The way rankings get organized is seriously impressive. Data is broken down based on many different parameters, including the search term, platform, language in use, overall rank, or specific tags. Additionally, you can efficiently, via a few clicks, dive deeper into your data, such as reordering it to highlight trends and uncover any potential issues.

ProRankTracker: Performance

ProRankTracker guarantees that the information it has is not only up-to-date but also accurately shows the latest search trends. Additionally, ProRankTracker has great system uptime. This means there will be fewer interruptions, and it can track data continuously, which is really important for professionals who need constant information for their plans.

It further performs well in delivering comprehensive, customizable reports that provide deep insights into keyword rankings, competitor analysis, and SEO progress, all while supporting multiple languages and locations for truly global SEO strategies. The tool's robust keyword discovery and analysis capabilities and competitor tracking features help you stay ahead in your SEO game. 

Additionally, ProRankTracker's API access and reliable customer support make it a highly versatile and dependable choice for SEO professionals seeking to optimize their digital presence effectively and efficiently, with flexible pricing plans to suit various needs. Furthermore, the reviews and testimonials on ProRankTracker's website prove how genuine and powerful it is.  

ProRankTracker: Support

With every agency plan, you receive a Dedicated Customer Success Manager. These individuals are not just there to assist you but also to proactively lead you through your SEO journey with ProRankTracker. If you have any questions or face sudden obstacles late at night, their 24/7 quick ticket support system is available to give you prompt answers.

For a quick time solution, their Live Chat is staffed by support agents who are ready to help you, making assistance just a message away. And if you want a more personalized approach, they provide 1-on-1 guidance through your preferred video conferencing tools, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, or Skype.

And for those who are good at self-learning, there is a comprehensive knowledge base full of self-help tutorials and videos. This library is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn independently or at their own pace.

ProRankTracker: The competition

Two services comparable to ProRankTracker are SEMRush and HubSpot Marketing. Here is how the three of them compare:


ProRankTracker’s Starter plan starts at $13.50 per user per month, but HubSpot’s entry-level plan costs a higher $50 per user per month, making both these applications suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, however ProRankTracker is the better value. SEMRush is even higher and charges almost $100 per user per month for the basic plan although it comes with more functionality for higher-level plans, making it better suited for larger businesses. 

Business Setting

ProRankTracker plans work better for small and midsize companies (up to 1,000 users). HubSpot’s services are geared more towards startups and small companies, as most of their customers are businesses with fewer than 50 people. SEMRush is designed for use by professionals, as it supports larger deployments of 1,000+ users making it a great tool for the likes of professional marketing departments and public relations agencies. 

User interface

ProRankTracker and HubSpot both have slick and easy-to-use user interfaces. Sorting data, applying filters, or breaking down search terms can be done easily with just a few clicks. As a counterpoint, SEMRush is a little clunky with a somewhat cluttered look, and it is occasionally difficult to find certain filters and features, particularly with its steep learning curve.

ProRankTracker: Final verdict

ProRankTracker is a powerful SEO tool with a wide range of features for different SEO tasks. The keyword tracking feature stands out for its detailed insights and user-friendly interface. Plus, their mobile app lets you stay connected to your data on the go. However, it does have a steep learning curve for beginners who have not used a rank-tracking tool in the past. Plus, the pricing plans are also a bit on the higher end for individuals or small businesses. Despite these drawbacks, PRT comes with an exceptional toolset and offers plenty of rank-tracking and SERP-checking features, reports, API access, and support. All this makes it an ideal choice for SEO experts and agencies.  

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