Kaspersky Antivirus 2009

The long standing Internet Security co updates it's anti-virus

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Our Verdict

A good all round anti-virus with a few added extras


  • Scans for Windows vulnerabilities
  • Anti-Phishing


  • Installation issues

Initial impressions of Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 weren't good.

It refused to install, insisting we first remove AVG 8.0 Free Antivirus, despite the fact that we removed AVG using its uninstaller and installed other anti-virus software in the meantime.

Deleting some old Registry keys that AVG had left behind fixed the problem, but situations like this could leave inexperienced users puzzled or potentially unprotected if they believe that AVG is still active.

Curiously, the Registry entries left by Panda Antivirus Pro didn't have the same effect on the Kaspersky 2009 installation.

If you like your defences to look technical, then Kaspersky definitely is for you. Update has a download graph so cool you'll pray for a slow connection.

Along with scanning for spyware and adware, like Panda Antivirus, Kaspersky also scans Windows for known vulnerabilities. But it can also scan apps for security holes, and it found our spyware, adware and virus too.