HP Z840 review

A high-end performance machine

HP Z840
HP Z840

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HP Z840

HP combines a sleek design with a powerful machine that you can customize to your liking.

We liked

The HP Z840 is everything I want in a desktop workstation. You only have to buy one machine for everyone, as in one tower model, and you can customize everything to make this the ideal machine for your needs.

We disliked

This machine can get quite costly, especially as you upgrade your specs. So, make sure you need something of this caliber before you click the "buy" button.

I am being picky but built-in-WiFi is something I want to see in the market across the board. This can be outfitted with an additional add-on card, but it should come standard for any model, especially at this price-point.

Final verdict

The HP Z840 is one of the coolest, most customizeable machines around. This is not a machine for your average user. For businesses and power users who need something with a ton of kick, you can't go wrong. Just know that if you make the decision to buy this device, you will pay a lot, and you will get a lot in return.