Asus EeeBox PC EB1033 review

Is this a 'too good to be true' product?

Asus EeeBox PC EB1033
Asus EeeBox PC EB1033

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There's much to like about the EB1033 but while its affordable price is a major attraction, its pathetic processor performance is a big, big let-down. Other options like the HP 260 G1 or even tablets like the Linx 7 or laptops like the Asus X102BA are likely to offer better processing performance but will fall short on the rest of the specification list. The latter is more expensive but is far more flexible – it is portable, has twice the memory, a faster processor, 50% more disk space, a touchscreen display, a battery and Office 2013.

Beyond Windows-based devices, those seeking the ideal affordable media player can check out the myriad of Android HDMI dongles that can often be had for less than £40; they usually come with Android, a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 8GB on-board storage, and plug directly into a monitor, display or television.

We liked

Asus opted for a sleek, contemporary design with the EeeBox EB1033 and it works well. Its format versatility means that it can be used vertically, horizontally or behind a monitor without much trouble. The fact that it is now keenly priced and comes with Windows 7 (upgradable to Windows 10) is also a major plus point. Add in a great array of features and connectivity options and you have a tidy little all-rounder.

We disliked

The processor remains the EB1033's Achilles' heel; it was slow in 2012 and is even slower by today's standards. The smartphone in your pocket is likely to be faster in comparison. To make things even worse, Asus thought it was a good idea to preload this machine with a number of applications, most of which are nice-to-have ones rather than essentials and should, in our opinion, be disabled in order to save on compute resources.

Final verdict

If you plan to use the EB1033 as a media player or an office machine, then it is likely to be a great addition to your home or business setup. Beyond that, its weak CPU will be a significant obstacle to a smooth user experience – open more than a few Chrome browser windows and you will cringe at how slow it is.

Desire Athow
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