QNAP TVS-1271U-RP review

The NAS that could be a server


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We liked

QNAP hardware is very well-made and inspires confidence. The QTS software is, similarly, very functional and easy to get to grips with, thanks mostly to a Synology-like desktop GUI run in a browser.

Storage is the main reason for buying the product with lots of very usable options here including support for all the leading hypervisors and the ability to synchronise data with cloud storage services. Backup facilities are another plus point, as is the ability to host virtual machines running other operating systems on the QNAP hardware.

We disliked

The fans were very audible, but then this is a rack-mount appliance, more at home in a soundproof machine room than an open plan office. The Core i7 processor is also a little over the top for basic file sharing requirements and buyers can shave a good amount off the price by opting for a Core i5 or i3, and can do so without having much of an effect on perceived performance. We found the Core i3 model ready-filled with disks selling for much the same price as the bare Core i7 model we tested.

We also found the mix of business and consumer applications a little confusing, making it hard to work out just what the appliance was capable of doing and who it was really aimed at.

Final verdict

Well-made and very scalable, the TVS-1271U-RP is a welcome addition to the QNAP NAS family, offering additional server-like features to complement solid file sharing, backup and cloud syncing capabilities. Those server-like options, however, should be viewed as a bonus on top of the core NAS capabilities, with more capable platforms to be had for those specifically looking for that functionality.