Devolo dLAN 650 Triple+ Starter Kit review

Could this be the perfect solution for networking problems?

Devolo dLAN 650 Triple+ Starter Kit
Gets into places Wi-Fi can't reach

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HomePlug networking is an excellent solution to home network problems that cannot be solved with Wi-Fi. Large houses, thick walls and wireless interference can all limit the range of your Wi-Fi reach, but by using the household wiring as de facto Ethernet cables, a HomePlug network can give a stable connection all over the house without trailing wires all over the place.

We liked

The new 650+ series of HomePlugs boast an excellent new design. They run cooler than their predecessors, and are upwardly orientated so they don't get blocked by bulky skirting boards. But most importantly of all, they now use all three of the plugs' pins for data transfer, automatically switching between them should a different pin offer a better connection. The result? A significant increase in transfer speeds, especially if you're using them in sub-optimal conditions. There was no increase in cost either – this new pack costs the same as the launch price of the equivalent bundle in the older range.

We disliked

There really isn't much to dislike here. The plugs are a little bulky, but this is inevitable as they contain pass-through sockets. Smaller, non-pass-through models in the 650+ range will surely follow. There are cheaper HomePlugs around too, though this Devolo pack is competitively priced considering its quality, and certainly represents good value for money.

Final verdict

We've always appreciated the quality and ease of use of Devolo's HomePlugs, and this new 600Mbps series takes them to a new level. An excellent solution to your home networking problems.