Fujitsu Lifebook U904 review

Stylish consumer design, biometric security and a dazzling display - does this business Ultrabook have it all?

Fujitsu U904
Breathing life into the business Ultrabook

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With a slim and classy design, an eye-popping WQHD+ display and biometric security options that actually work, the Fujitsu Lifebook U904 successfully carries over popular traits from top-end consumer Ultrabooks into the business world.

We liked

The WQHD+ screen is certainly impressive and opens up the doors for interacting with multiple applications, or for high-end photo and video editing. It forms part of an impressive visual package that makes the Lifebook U904 shine along with its classy design and solid construction.

An excellent performer on the desktop, the Ultrabook is nippy, although it wouldn't be recommended if your primary activities revolve around 3D modelling or running the latest, graphically demanding games.

There's perhaps a satisfactory, rather than outstanding array of ports on the Lifebook U904, but the availability of a docking connector extends those on offer and is handy for letting you chop and change models without worrying about compatibility.

We disliked

The Lifebook U904's display is impressive, but you'll have to consider what you'll be using it for, and whether you're going to need that massive resolution at this point in time.

Though Windows 8.1 provides high-DPI support, it's hardly fine-tuned for business applications (or desktop applications of any kind) and can actually prove a hinderance in many scenarios. If you're sold on the touchscreen model, you'll have to put up with a highly reflective screen too.

Our biggest gripe with the Lifebook U904 is its lacklustre keyboard, which offers an unsatisfactory typing experience and detracts from the Ultrabook's overall appeal. It's a subjective viewpoint, but one that means we can't recommend the Lifebook U904 to heavy document warriors who may be better off with something more akin to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's (2014) comfortable keyboard array.

Final verdict

If you're in the running for a nippy, stylish business Ultrabook and have a specific requirement - such as a WQHD+ display or biometric security - then the Lifebook U904 is an attractive option.

While the keyboard and Windows 8.1's scaling issues proved two particular gripes for us, they could prove non-issues, or even advantages depending on your own needs and preferences.

In addition to the business benefits, the Lifebook U904 brings many qualities over from the consumer side - from its classy, metallic finish to its slimline dimensions and lightweight nature. If you're not prepared to make any compromises and have the deep pockets to match, it would be difficult to recommended any other model can satisfy both sets of users' needs so well.

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