Mitel MiCloud Connect business VoIP service review

Managing your communications in the cloud

Mitel MiCloud Business VoIP service review
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Mitel MiCloud Connect is a VoIP service that enables employees and customers to communicate seamlessly in a digital environment. Choose from three plans depending on your business’s needs.


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    Unlimited minutes per month

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    24/7 customer service


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    Free trial not available

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    CAPTCHA verification on every login

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If you're a business owner, communication is no doubt essential to your success. But, thanks to advances in the digital landscape, it’s highly unlikely you can rely on the methods of communication you would have a decade ago. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud-based technology that delivers voice and other types of multimedia over the internet. In our Mitel MiCloud Connect review, we look at the major features of this VoIP platform, as well as its usability and levels of security. You can use this information to determine if the company could offer the best VoIP service for your organization.

Mitel MiCloud Connect: Plans and pricing

Mitel MiCloud

You can choose between different plan types to meet individual users' needs. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

If you choose Mitel MiCloud for your business’s VoIP services, you can choose between three plan types: Essentials, Premier, and Elite.

The Essentials plan is the cheapest option and costs $20.99 per user per month. The main features include PBX (phonebox), collaboration, and conferencing. If you opt for the Premier package, you’ll pay $26.59 per user per month, and as well as the features available on the Essentials plan, you’ll receive CRM integrations and call recording.

The most expensive, and extensive, option is the Elite plan, which is $38.49 per user per month. In addition to the features available on the other two plans, you’ll benefit from archiving and operator functions.

To receive your personalized quote, you’ll need to enter your chosen plan and an estimated number of users into the company’s website.

In another plus point, the company offers a mix-and-match service, which enables you to select different plans for different users. And if you’re unsure whether the software is right for you, Mitel offers an online demo of its services. 

Mitel MiCloud Connect: Features

Mitel MiCloud

Features include call transfers, paging, and video conferencing. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

If you choose any Mitel MiCloud plan, you’ll have access to an unlimited number of minutes per month, which may be one of the platform’s main attractions.  

The platform offers many of the standard features you would expect from VoIP technology. This includes transfers, forwarding, paging, routing, and call management, which enables you to put calls on hold or pick them up via an extension.

The platform also enables you to view the details of recent calls, and you can return these via a single click. Likewise, the phone routing solution means you can transfer calls to your desk phone, softphone, mobile app, or personal number.

Unsurprisingly for a VoIP service, audio and video conferencing are among the principal features offered by Mitel MiCloud Connect. Their video conferencing feature enables you to share your screen with other participants, track the meeting’s agenda, and check in using a single button.

You can also add attendees and mute disruptive individuals through the participation management feature. The number of participants you can include will vary between four and 100, depending on the plan you choose.

If you choose this platform, you’ll be able to quickly access your voicemails via single-click functionality, or have your messages transcribed and sent to your Mitel MiCloud mailbox. 

If you’re dealing with multiple employees and staff members, the software enables you to view and group contacts, as well as star favorites for quick dialing.

The Mitel Team function is a collaborative web and mobile application for MiCloud Connect users, which includes integrated tools for real-time instant messaging, collaborative team workspaces, business SMS, and desktop sharing.

Mitel MiCloud Connect: Interface and in use

Mitel MiCloud

The free online demo gives you a sense of the technology’s usability. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

If you choose Mitel MiCloud Connect, the interface is simple to use, with an intuitive design and clear layout. From the dashboard, you can customize your settings and group conversations through a single screen, which helps make sure your calls are routed to the correct location.

One potential frustration when accessing the company’s website, however, is the need to complete a CAPTCHA verification form every time you view the site.

The software is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Mitel MiCloud Connect: Support

Mitel MiCloud

The website contains ebooks, videos, and infographics. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

If you encounter an issue with your Mitel MiCloud Connect account, you can receive 24/7 support over the phone, via email, or online chat.

When you’re contacting customer services, the company lists dedicated email addresses and phone numbers, broken down according to the nature of the problem. 

For more general queries, their website also contains a resources section, which includes webinars, ebooks, training videos, and infographics. In one particularly attractive feature, you can also search for resources by industry.

If you’d like to receive more information about business communication trends, the company’s blog contains articles on topics such as remote working and creating a hybrid workforce.

Mitel MiCloud Connect: Security

Mitel MiCloud

The company has robust security and privacy policies. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

When you’re communicating vital business information across digital channels, it's essential the VoIP platform you choose has robust security features.

Mitel’s software is backed by Google Cloud and delivers SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance: these are auditing procedures that relate specifically to IT and data services.

As well as government-grade encryption, the company also operates a Securities Advisories policy, which involves publishing notices of moderate- to high-risk threats to its security.

Mitel’s sync with exchange feature also enables users to authenticate their Microsoft Active Directory for single sign-on and integration with Outlook.

For those concerned about privacy, Mitel also offers a built-in VPN, which provides you with a private network for your professional communications.

The competition

If you’re seeking to upgrade your business communication through VoIP technology, it’s always sensible to compare the range of plans available.

Nextiva, for instance, offers broadly similar features to Mitel, with prices ranging from $21.95 to $65.95 per user per month. In a plus point for Nextiva, the company offers a seven-day free trial for its services.

RingCentral Office is another of the biggest players in the VOIP industry, with prices beginning at $19.99 (usual price $29.99) per user per month for two to 20 users on an annual plan. For many customers, the company’s major attraction is its user-friendly interface.

Final verdict

Mitel MiCloud

You can benefit from a free three-month introductory period. (Image credit: Mitel MiCloud)

If you're seeking to bring a cyber edge to your business' communications, Mitel MiCloud Connect should offer all the VoIP features you need in a business phone system at a competitive price.

One of the biggest downsides we encountered is the lack of a standard free trial, such as the seven-day option offered by rival Nextiva.

For many users operating outside conventional business hours, however, the major attraction will lie in the company’s 24/7 customer services, which could prove invaluable on weekends and evenings. Others will no doubt benefit from the company’s offer of an unlimited number of minutes.

The freedom to select different plan types for different users is another major benefit of Mitel MiCloud Connect, as choosing the cheaper plans for certain individuals could significantly lower your VoIP costs.

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