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Declaree expense tracker
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Declaree is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its powerful arsenal of expense tracking tools and easy integration with other business software.


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    Very user-friendly

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    Integrates with accounting software

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    Good array of custom settings


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    Not available outside Europe

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Declaree began life back in 2014 and was started with the aim of making expense tracking that little bit easier. Like many software products in this marketplace Declaree streamlines much of the administration involved with expenses and certainly speeds up the processing of claims. 

A user-friendly app sits at the core of the Declaree operation, which is currently available to users in European countries, along with the UK. While the front-end employee part of the process is taken care of by the supporting app, Declaree also works in tandem with the company back office via an online web application. Add it all together and you’ve got an expense tracking package that’ll tick a lot of boxes for many business owners.

Other notable expense tracking software worth considering currently include QuickBooks, Rydoo, Expensify, Hurdlr, Zoho Expense and Pocketguard all of which are undeniably useful during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Choose from one of three different Declaree packages including a custom Corporate edition (Image credit: Declaree)


With so many options open to business owners in the expense tracking arena Declaree has clearly decided to go with a value-for-money pricing strategy. For starters there’s the option of a free trial for 30-days, which will give you a great insight into whether or not it’s going to be suited to your company. Declaree can also give you a demo of the software if you’re keen. 

Following that, there are three packages to pick from, starting with Team priced at just £3 per user, per month. This lets you digitize your expenses, carry out auto VAT calculations and track mileage. As for integration, Team can work in tandem with accounting and payroll operations plus there are group management tools, a compensations module and it’ll also work offline. 

Leading the field in terms of package options, however, is Business, which Declaree currently offers for £5 per user, per month. This is a beefier solution that’ll suit larger concerns and has the additional benefit of automatic reporting. Finally, a Corporate edition of Declaree involves getting a quote from them so that they can tailor a package to suit your needs. Naturally, this comes fully loaded, with everything needed to handle large volumes of employees and their associated expenses.


The Declaree app is really the beating heart of this expense tracking system (Image credit: Declaree)


While the basic Team edition of Declaree has more than enough features and functions for staying on top of expenses it's really the Business package that really shines. 

As you’d expect, much of the everyday functionality comes via the app, which lets users tackle their daily allowances quota, offers credit card integration and also single sign-on, which lets employees carry out secure connections to their business portal. 

On a similar note, administration staff can ensure that expenses aren’t abused by controlling employee spending using custom company policies. Once everything is into the system it's also possible to use Declaree in tandem with many financial and accounting software packages.


Declaree was designed to have ease of use as its prime objective (Image credit: Declaree)


Due to the way the app and back-end of Declaree has been engineered, and naturally because of its cloud-based setup, the system is perfect for businesses that have higher volumes of claims to process. Being able to connect to your other business software is also quick and easy to manage with, for example, approved expenses automatically recorded in your chosen accounting software package. Indeed, Declaree has been designed to harmonise with QuickBooks Online, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and more besides.


Declaree can also be easily integrated with other software systems within your business (Image credit: Declaree)

Ease of use

Considering expense claims filing is seen as one of the biggest chores there is for workers Declaree goes a long way to reducing the stress factor. Employees can easily sort their expenses while administrators can create custom codes in the back-end of the system in order to link it all with existing software including their accounting systems. 

Administrators should also revel in the simplicity of the Groups and Categories that allow them to tailor expense allowances exactly to their individual businesses criteria. Business rules can be set up to further tweak this, so that individuals get their precise allowance. As a whole, Declaree has therefore done a great job in producing a very straightforward workflow system.


Office administrators also have plenty of choice when it comes to adjusting settings (Image credit: Declaree)


Declaree has been carefully engineered to hopefully keep the need for support to a minimum. However, there are options open to you if you run into any issues, with direct support being available via phone and email. Declaree also provides full offline documentation, so if you’re happy to pick through manuals or watch instructional videos every base is covered.


Support options include a knowledge base plus phone and email (Image credit: Declaree)

Final verdict

Declaree has everything small businesses will need to get on top of their expense tracking. Equally, the custom packages that can be tailored to suit enterprises with more demands to meet means that Declaree will also be a solid fit for larger businesses. 

The overall experience has been neatly designed to offer ease of use for employees using the app while the back-end integration offered by Declaree should mean that office administrators enjoy the experience too. 

Adding on three package options, with a cost-effective price point on both the Team and Business packages plus custom pricing on the Corporate edition should mean that Declaree will quickly be able to justify its existence. There are plenty of choices in the expense tracker software market, and Declaree is quite rightly up there with the best of them.

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