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To get the best from Rydoo you’ll want to invest in either of the top two packages but even in its most basic form this is a service that takes the pain and strain out of expenses.


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    Good value

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    Team package slightly more limited in features

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Rydoo is an expense tracking platform that was formerly known as Xpenditure Small Business. In its new and improved incarnation Rydoo will appeal to both employers and employees who are looking for more efficient ways to manage their travel and expenses. The service is available in three different package options, meaning that it’s of use to business both big and small. It's a practical solution given the current situation with coronavirus.

Even in its most basic Team package Rydoo has the capacity to take the strain out of doing expenses and throws in lots of other practical tools as part of the deal. However, if you run a business and have lots of employees, who have to file expenses and travel requests then you’ll find that the higher-end options within the Rydoo portfolio could save you quite a lot of both time and money.

Rydoo sits alongside other similar products in this area including QuickBooks, Expensify, Hurdlr and Zoho Expense.


Rydoo is available in three different editions including a high-end Enterprise package (Image credit: Rydoo)


There’s a Rydoo plan to suit any kind of user. It starts out with the Team package, which is recommended for up to 50 active users and allows the core tracking of expenses. It includes OCR scanning, mileage expenses and there’s an approval flow too. That’s currently $7/€6 monthly per active user, which is billed annually. There’s a 5 active users minimum. 

Next, there’s the Growth package, which is recommended for 50+ active users and delivers more advanced features including everything in the Team bundle along with a second level of approval, built-in expense policy rules and Per Diems. It currently costs $9/€8 monthly per active user, billed annually (or $11/€10 if billed monthly). 

Rydoo has a third option in the shape of Enterprise, which is designed for high-volume clients with 500+ active users. This will require you to get a quote from Rydoo, in line with your needs, but comes with everything in Growth plus direct bank transactions, ERP integrations, API access and more.


The Rydoo web dashboard is a breeze to navigate around (Image credit: Rydoo)


The entry-level Rydoo experience has lots to recommend, with a raft of tools that let you do everything and anything related to expenses and travel outgoings. There’s approval flow, OCR scanning, mileage expense tracking, multi-currency conversion, the ability to detect duplicate expenses, cost center allocation, trip allocation, project allocation and multi-language support. 

Rydoo can also work out VAT automatically, allows the upload of CSV and PDF transactions, can issue cash advances and work with user permissions. Move on up to the other two packages though and you’ll be able to add on the likes of expense policy rules, Per Diems, trip approvals, additional account currencies and a controlling module too. Throw in custom bank transaction feeds along with a custom conversion rate and you’re looking at a pretty powerful set of features.


There's a free trial if you want to experience Rydoo first hand (Image credit: Rydoo)


Used in its most basic capacity Rydoo easily has enough capability to take care of travel and expense matters for your business without hassle. However, it's also been engineered to work as a solution for large-scale companies, so the web-based dashboard and multi-level approval tools are pretty bulletproof in that respect. And, as this platform has been adapted from an earlier idea, the best bits seem to have got better.


Rydoo can be customized in many different ways making it even more useful (Image credit: Rydoo)

Ease of use

Full marks should go to the Rydoo designers who have done a fantastic job with the latest incarnation of the service. The overall web dashboard feel is great on the eyes, with a modern look and controls that are simple and intuitive to use. Getting around the various menu options is quick, easy and, crucially, efficient even if you’re a newcomer to the way that Rydoo works. 

The interface has also been developed to work with a series of integrated tools such as Slack and Dropbox, while the other appealing aspect is that Rydoo can be easily configured to work in many different languages. Everyday tasks such as the often groaned about issue of getting receipts into the system is generally a smooth and trouble-free exercise, which gets Rydoo an additional thumbs up.


You can also use Rydoo for booking all sorts of company travel (Image credit: Rydoo)


Even with the basic edition of Rydoo you’ll be able to make use of both mail and chat support. Indeed, the Rydoo website has plenty of options for getting in touch with them, including numbers for regional offices located right around the globe. If you’re still at the stage of deciding whether or not Rydoo might be a good fit for your business needs then you can contact them to request a demo of the service. Or just give the free trial a whirl. 

The Rydoo website also has a stack of information under menu options that include a blog area, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, a dev center and, finally, a dedicated help center too. While there’s plenty of standard help for everyone, if you’re a business owner who’s got the Enterprise plan then you’ll be able to enjoy more support from a dedicated account manager.


Help and support is readily available via the Rydoo website (Image credit: Rydoo)

Final verdict

Rydoo has been skillfully engineered to make it a product that will appeal to users around the globe who need to tackle the often-stressful issue of expenses. Even in its most simple version, Rydoo comes with more than enough tools and functionality to make light work of travel and expense duties. 

However, if you’re running a larger business then the Enterprise edition packs in a huge amount of value added features, including support from an allocated account manager. It offers great value on every level as well as being appealing to employees who would otherwise baulk at the thought of tackling their latest set of expenses.

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