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Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser review

Diffuser with built-in handle and strain-relieving hand straps

Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser
This diffuser is designed to be rigid and comfortable to hold


  • Simple yet effective idea
  • Good quality diffuser and handle
  • Carry case included


  • Pricey

The Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser is a smart solution to an obvious problem. As any photographer's assistant will attest, holding reflectors and diffusers for prolonged periods of time isn't exactly comfortable, and many aren't rigid enough to be held with just one hand.

The Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser claims to solve both issues, with a handle on one side and two adjustable straps that may be tightened against the holder's hand.

The handle itself is large enough to be gripped comfortably, although the rubber lining on each side provides even better purchase. When held in this way the diffuser stays sturdy, and when the relevant strap is tightened it's possible to continue holding the diffuser even without gripping the handle, thereby reducing strain.

All of this also means that two diffusers may be held at the same time, and as the material itself isn't being handled as much, it's far more likely to be kept clean and grease-free.

When twisted, it folds down to a third of its size and slips into the provided carry case, which may be securely zipped shut.

The TriGrip range currently covers three different sizes of reflector and four different coloured finishes, and the diffuser on test is available in either one- or two-stop varieties.


Considering that the pricing is a little higher than usual, it's perhaps best for location work rather than indoors, where stands may be set up for support. For the hardworking assistant, though, the Lastolite TriGrip 1-stop Diffuser may just be the product they've long been waiting for.