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AVG Driver Updater is a reliable software tool to keep your PC’s drivers in check for supreme performance. With it, you can always detect which of your drivers are corrupt, missing, or not up-to-date and do the needful. Some strengths of the AVG Driver Updater include its user-friendly interface and automatic, real-time scans that it allows you to carry out. On the other hand, its weaknesses include being relatively expensive and using significant computing resources when running.


  • +

    Provides real-time scans

  • +

    Boost your PC’s performance

  • +

    13 languages supported

  • +

    User-friendly interface


  • -


  • -

    Consumes significant computing resources

  • -

    The free version is limited

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AVG Driver Updater is a device management tool made by AVG Technologies, based in the Czech Republic. The company is most famous for its antivirus software, but it has other product lines, such as its driver updater

AVG Technologies is a leading software company that’s existed for three decades. It’s a subsidiary of Avast Software. 

We’ll review AVG’s Driver Updater based on specific factors, including features, user interface, customer support, compatibility, and pricing.


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Plans and pricing

The AVG Driver Updater costs $40 per year, quite expensive compared to similar products on the market. There’s a free trial version, but it has just a few features compared to the paid version and lasts only a month. Thus, the paid version is the practical option to make the most of the driver updater.


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AVG Driver Updater contains a number of features to keep your system using the latest drivers and running smoothly:


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Real-time Scans

You can scan and update your drivers in real-time as you perform other functions on your computer. Many driver updaters lack this feature.

Scan Scheduling

You can set schedules and intervals for the AVG Driver Updater to run automatic scans of your PC’s drivers and produce reports. This feature ensures convenience and keeps you always in the loop regarding your driver updates.

Large Driver Database

AVG’s Driver Updater checks your drivers against a database of over 8 million drivers. Such an extensive database contains virtually any driver you may need, making it your one-stop-shop for driver downloads and updates.

Driver Backup and Restore

You can back up your drivers with AVG’s Driver Updater and restore them when required. This feature is critical because some driver updates can cause performance issues on your PC. You don’t need to panic in such a case when the software lets you backup and restore older versions of your drivers to avert the issue. 


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Installs Official Drivers

AVG’s Driver Updater can download and install authentic drivers from over 1,300 leading technology brands. 

Neat User Interface

This tool has a very well-organized user interface that makes it easy to use and navigate through. It’s uncluttered, and all the functionalities are visible to the user. This neat interface ensures that anyone can use the driver updater regardless of their technical knowledge or experience.


AVG’s Driver Updater is compatible with Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10. 


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Interface and in use

The interface of this driver updater is very organized and user-friendly, beginning from downloading and installation. To download it, go to the official website and get the executable file (.exe), either for the free or paid version. Then, run it. 

After installing and launching the software, you’ll see the friendly, uncluttered interface we’re talking of. There are clear buttons for whichever function you want to pick, with no complexity or confusion.  


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AVG offers customer support through email, live chat, and telephone. You can contact the support team directly via phone or live chat for instant answers or use email and wait for a while. The telephone support varies depending on your country, but it’s generally reliable. Due to customer clogging, the live chat and telephone customer service may be unavailable at certain times. There are also a number of tutorials and guides on AVG’s site in case you run into problems.

The competition

There are many other competing driver updaters on the market. A few examples are the Ashampoo Driver Updater and Auslogics Driver Updater. AVG’s parent company, Avast, also has its driver updater that’s almost identical except for the name. 

Compared to Ashampoo and Auslogics, AVG is the much more expensive option. It costs $40/year, while Ashampoo costs $19 and Auslogics $11.50 for the same period. Meanwhile, all of them have similar functionality.

Final verdict

AVG’s Driver Updater is a dependable tool for keeping your device drivers healthy and improving your PC’s performance. It’s easy to use and has many needed functionalities. However, it’s relatively expensive and available only for Windows. We’d love to see a cheaper version and availability for other operating systems, such as Mac OS and Linux.

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