Elon Musk apparently hates Microsoft Teams

Elon Musk
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Unfortunate headline-grabber and former Twitter CEO Elon Musk has hit out at Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his potential new star hire, former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, over their choice of video conferencing platform.

Replying to a post on X (or Twitter, as everyone still calls it) from Nadella concerning the hiring of Altman and fellow OpenAI head Greg Brockman, Musk noted that "now they will have to use Teams!".

Microsoft Teams, of course, is part of the company's office software suite, and no doubt is in use across Nadella's workforce - so if Musk thinks he has come up with a unique and hilariously insightful point, he may be (as usual) pretty mistaken.

Musk hates Teams, pass it on

Although disliked by many, Microsoft Teams has been a rather large success for its parent company in recent years. Its Q3 2024 financial report, released in April 2023, noted that Microsoft Teams has around 300 million monthly active users. There was no update in its recent Q4 2023 report, but we'd have to assume the numbers have only kept on growing in recent months.

Microsoft has been hard at work improving and upgrading Teams in recent months to keep the platform useful and intuitive for customers around the globe.

Most recently, the company unveiled a host of AI-powered additions for Microsoft Teams, bringing even more of its Copilot platform to the software. 

This included a new feature that sees Copilot now not just able to summarize and write up meeting notes - but also draw them using the company's Microsoft Whiteboard platform.

Copilot will also create new "Collaborative notes" so that users can focus on the meeting itself, and will also summarize past conversations in a Microsoft Teams channel, meaning users won't have to trek through reams of past messages.

Elsewhere, Microsoft Teams will also use AI to cut down on background noise when you're on a call, and will even allow users to decorate their virtual backgrounds using AI-generated effects, for example by cleaning up clutter or adding plants to a wall.

Microsoft's use of AI may only be set to grow even further following the announcement that Altman and Brockman have joined the company following their departures from OpenAI last week. Nadella noted that the pair will, "lead a new advanced AI research team" at Microsoft, but didn't add any further details just yet.

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