Should your business be investing more in front-line employees?

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New research from Kahoot! has told businesses to invest more in their frontline workers, with nine in 10 (93%) eager to learn and grow at work.

The study, unsurprisingly, reveals the need for further training when it comes to AI tools – a buzzword that has been circulating businesses at scale since the public preview launch of ChatGPT one year ago.

Kahoot! also uncovers the potential ROIs relating to frontline worker investment, suggesting that three-quarters (71%) are prepared to go the extra mile in order to realize company success.

Look after your frontline workers

The report cites another study claiming that frontline workers make up around seven in 10 US workers, revealing the true scale of the cause.

The same third-party study claims that half of US frontline workers have considered quitting their jobs and even leaving their industry entirely. A further one in five global frontline workers are preparing to quit within the next three to six months.

However, given the right tools, career support, and training, two-thirds (64%) would stay at their company for another six years, improving overall worker retention.

Already, 38% are reading books, articles, and research to expand their knowledge, with another 28% learning through podcasts and educational videos. Nearly as many are also pursuing certifications or licenses to validate their skills.

With such a hunger to learn, the benefits of company-provided tools and training become evident, with Kahoot! even claiming a link between the provision of advanced training with decades-long company loyalty.

Kahoot! VP James Micklethwait concluded: “The frontline workforce is telling our leaders something important: When you invest in our growth, you’ll see our true potential and how we can benefit the company in the long run.”

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