You can now login to Dashlane without a password

Dashlane VPN
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Popular password manager Dashlane will now let users log in to their accounts without a master password in a bid to improve both convenience and security.

Going forward, Dashlane users will now be able to login with their biometrics alone, such as their fingerprint or face scan, or a PIN specific to their device. 

What's more, the company also claims it has developed a patent-pending method to transfer the underlying cryptographic key that secures your vault between devices, so you can use it cross-platform.  


Dashlane has supported other passwordless technology - namely passkeys - for a while, letting users store and use them to login to supported websites. However, it has not let users access their own vaults without a password - until now.

In illustrating the improved safety of passwordless technology, the firm cites its own research in which it found that 80% of hacking-related breaches this year resulted from compromised passwords, as well as the general increase in the sophistication of phishing attacks that attempt to steal such credentials. 

Going passwordless, therefore, means there are no credentials for attackers phish for in the first place. The underlying cryptographic key is also tied to the device, increasing the security even further, Dashlane claims.

In addition, the firm is also introducing an easier way for passwordless users to recover their account if they lose their device, by using another device that is also logged into their Dashlane account to get back in.

Once a passwordless account has been created on a mobile device, users can then login to their account on other devices by navigating to the settings menu on the mobile app and selecting "Add new device." From here, they will be presented with a security challenge to authenticate their login on the new device.

Many prominent services are beginning to adopt passwordless solutions for users to login to their accounts, such as Amazon, PayPal, eBay, BestBuy, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and X, to name a few. Other password managers also already support their creation and storage, including NordPass, 1Password, and Bitwarden.


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