Salesforce brings AI closer to marketing and retail

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Salesforce is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools closer to its users in marketing and retail, by expanding the capabilities of its Einstein Copilot feature.

For those unfamiliar with Salesforce’s offerings, it provides its users with Einstein 1, a broad platform that integrates AI and machine learning across Salesforce’s various applications. Part of that platform is Einstein Copilot, a specific feature designed to act as an AI-powered assistant for Salesforce users. It focuses on providing real-time assistance, automating tasks, and delivering contextual insights to enhance user productivity.

Now, Salesforce announced two new additions to the feature: Einstein Copilot for Marketers, and Einstein Copilot for Merchants. The former comes with, among other things, pre-built actions that simplify creating campaigns. It can automatically generate marketing briefs, content, and even email campaigns. Furthermore, it can help marketers speed up time-to-market with automatically generated responses based on customer data, and aligned with their brand voice.

The latter, on the other hand, aims to simplify commerce tasks, such as streamlining storefront setups, generating personalized promotions, and more. It can also generate insights that improve product discoverability, and provide AI-powered SEO recommendations. 

Released soon

Einstein Copilot for Marketers is expected to be generally available in summer this year, while Copilot for Merchants should reach the beta stage in the autumn this year. 

“With the Einstein 1 Platform we’re giving organizations the power to unify all of their data on one trusted platform,.” said Ariel Kelman, President and CMO of Salesforce. “This is the key to getting results from generative AI that are actually useful in driving your business forward.”

Founded in 1999, Salesforce is a cloud-based software company, and is perceived as one of the best CRM software providers out there (Customer Relationship Management). It has more than 72,000 employees worldwide, and an annual revenue of $26.49 billion. 

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