Android 14 has a host of tools designed for your business - here's the best we've seen

Graphic displaying some of Android 14's business-focused security features
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Google has released the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android 14, but behind the smokescreen of personalization options, improved health data connectivity, and some handy AI features are some new tools destined for business users.

At the same time, and less than one month after Apple announced its latest software and mobile devices, Google unveiled its latest Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel 8 smartphones.

Google says that its new business features are designed to cater to a growing global workforce of hybrid and remote employees.

Android 14 for business

The mobile OS has already been capable of handling different types of unlock authentication methods, but the standard option has now been upgraded from a four-digit pin to a six-digit pin, which encourages users to set up more secure pins more easily. Google noted that this increases the number of combinations from 10,000 to 1,000,000.

Admins can also choose only to enable trusted password managers on managed devices, while greater control has been added to wireless connectivity with ultra-wideband policy logs and control over enabling and disabling insecure 2G connections.

Google also highlighted the Android Work Profile in its announcement, which allows end users to combine personal and business profiles on the same device. Some minor tweaks have been made to this to make it easier for users to switch profiles and control settings.

More broadly, Android 14 has introduced improved accessibility measure, including tools for those with vision and hearing loss, and is available to download on compatible devices now. Full details of the mobile OS can be found on the company’s website.

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