It's time to boost your productivity with a top of the line PDF and document editor

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In today's fast-paced business world, the ability to be flexible and productive has never been more important. Saving time and money will help push your business ahead of the competition, but in order to do so, you'll obviously need the right tools.

We all have a lot of documents and files to deal with these days, so making sure these items work for you, and are in the format you need, when you need it is vital.  Xodo offers a complete cross-platform PDF and document processing platform that allows users to handle their work effectively and efficiently, all powered by the company's Apryse SDK technology - so what can it do for you?

PDFs have been around for many years, but dealing with them can often be tricky, especially when working remotely or on the move.

Manage all your files in a single platform

Xodo offers a quick and intuitive online PDF editor that allows users to edit text, annotate PDF content, redact files, and insert images without disrupting the initial document. There's also an e-sign capability allowing users to create, fill in and sign PDF forms without the need for printing off and signing manual documents. 

For those looking to get a bit more hands-on, there are PDF manipulation tools that allow you to crop, merge, split, compress, or even delete pages from your PDF, making sure the final product is set just how you want it.


(Image credit: Xodo)

And if you need to get flexible, Xodo also offers various PDF conversion tools that allow for changes from PDF to Word, Excel, or PDF/A files. The document converter tools allow for multiple documents to be quickly converted at once, which could be a lifesaver if you're pushed for time or heading to a big meeting.

For those who deal with Microsoft Word, but want to edit DOCX files without needing to launch the Microsoft app, Xodo provides a quick and easy editing tool that lets users edit and update Word documents directly in your browser. 

When it comes to images, having the right formats for the right occasion can also be vital, especially if your business brings together files from different services across Apple and Microsoft platforms. Xodo offers the ability to convert Apple's HEIC image format files to PDF, JPG and PNG, meaning you're never caught short, but also offers a DICOM converter that is able to convert medical images and data into multiple other formats.

If you're in need of somewhere to store all these files, Xodo Drive offers 5GB of cloud storage, so you can safely and securely stash your documents, images and more without needing to worry where they are being kept. 

There's also no need to worry about confidential or private data being put at risk, as most Xodo tools are able to process files locally on a users' device without anything being uploaded to an external server, and any files uploaded for processing are deleted by Xodo after an hour. 

Make Xodo work for you - anywhere, anytime

Xodo is available across all major platforms, including every browser and native Windows, Android and iOS apps, making it the perfect tool for your entire workforce. The company offers a 7-day free trial and individual payment plans starting at $9 a month, but can also provide custom pricing suited to your business' exact needs.

So if this sounds like the solution to all your document woes, you can test out all 30+ Xodo's tools for free here.