Businesses are losing millions because their employees can't use technology right

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New research has claimed extremely inefficient adoption of technology in the workplace could be costing businesses millions and lead to major inefficiences in the office. 

The study, from WalkMe, highlights the role of digital adoption in today’s evolving business landscape, suggesting that enterprises are now prioritizing digital solutions more.

However, the report notes a costly deficit in worker best practices, with many organizations losing millions because workers aren’t fully utilizing their digital tools.

Do workers need more digital training?

According to the study of over 4,000 executives and employees, enterprises are losing an average of $1.14 million per week in productivity due to an inability to utilize their digital tools fully. WalkMe exemplifies this as 44 working days per year wasted by employees struggling with technology-related challenges.

With seven in 10 organizations now acknowledging that digital adoption should be an integral part of their strategy and a 63% year-on-year surge in digital adoption investments, it’s clear that companies are at least trying.

Where they’re lacking is that workers lack the knowledge and skills to fully leverage the technology being rolled out, making it, in part, redundant. Investment in training will go part of the way to solving this challenge, but streamlining solutions should also be accounted for.

Large enterprises used an average of 211 applications, with smaller companies using 69, despite leaders believing that they only use 21.

Speaking about predictions that IT spend could soon hit $5 trillion, Ofir Bloch, vice president of strategic positioning at WalkMe, said: “Digital adoption is now indispensable, especially as artificial intelligence becomes pervasive, affecting every aspect of our business workflows.”

Bloch added: “As more organizations realize the need for effective change management and decide to fully embrace digital adoption, they will begin to experience HyperProductivity. In this aspirational state, everyone can use any application with ease, and companies will have automated as many processes as possible and integrated technologies into one cohesive, streamlined workflow.”

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