Box Hubs will let you keep all your employees up to date, fast

Box Hubs
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Popular cloud storage platform Box has announced Hubs for businesses – a do-as-it-says-on-the-tin hub that’s meant to centralize the content you create as a business to help make finding the right document easier.

The announcement cites an IDC study that reckons organizations alone will create 73,000 exabytes of data globally in 2023 – a number in terabytes that’s too high to even begin to imagine.

Box says that Hubs will allow users to “curate, organize, and publish enterprise content across [their] entire organization.”

Box Hubs

The new functionality aims to serve businesses where organization by folders doesn’t suffice, which is often the case where multiple departments work alongside one another.

The company says that users can create a hub “in minutes” without any coding or technical know-how, which is then published and acts almost as a department or project’s mini webpage.

These customizable Hubs can then be populated with files from across the organization’s Box network by means of generating a link, which means that the files continue to reside in their original folders.

One example in the screenshots shared by Box suggests that a Hub could be made for an HR department. A link to this area could be shared with colleagues, giving them quick and easy access to forms like annual leave requests and sickness notifications, and to other company documents like the handbook.

If this has got you excited about organizing your company’s cloudy chaos, sit tight, because a beta won’t land until 2024, and even then, Box Hubs will only be available to Box users on Enterprise plans and above.

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