Bluehost launches agency partner program

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Bluehost, one of the best WordPress website builder and hosting providers, has announced a new program tailored for digital marketing agencies and freelancers building WordPress websites for their clients.

The Bluehost Agency Partner Program aims to provide resources, new revenue opportunities, and access to a wide community of other agencies, helping them expand their client list, grow their business and ultimately be more successful. 

Besides growing the clientele and accessing a wider community, program users will also be able to earn commission and volume discounts for using, and referring, Bluehost.

This latest update aims to help position Bluehost as one of the best website builders for agencies

Improving the services

To become a member of the program, an organization needs to apply first, and applications are open as of this moment. Once accepted, agencies will receive early access to the referral program, Bluehost explained, which includes commissions, discounts, access to webinars and learning resources, priority access to expert customer support, and access to a “selective LinkedIn community”. 

A “limited number” (Bluehost did not say how many) of early birds will also get a free hosting plan for the first year of the program, it was added. 

Bluehost has been quite busy lately, introducing new additions and offerings. Earlier this week, the company announced adding artificial intelligence (AI) to its website builder, calling it Bluehost AI Website Creator. 

As part of its WonderSuite offering, Bluehost users are now able to create personalized, unique websites, all with relevant content, images, and pages, by interacting with a chatbot.

The company explained that users start by answering a series of brief questions at onboarding. The answers prompt the Bluehost AI engine to create multiple website options, with regards to the user’s industry, objectives, and other information provided. The tool will automatically install the plugins necessary to run the site properly, and allows the users to fully customize the output. Things like fonts, color schemes, images, and content, can all be tweaked afterwards. 

Finally, users can save the output directly to the WordPress Admin interface.

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