BlackBerry unveils cybersecurity assistant powered by generative AI

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BlackBerry has unveiled an enterprise-grade security assitant platform powered by generative AI tools.

Aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of CISO teams, the unnamed generative AI powered assistant will act as an additional SOC analyst for your team - so if you’re a security operations center (SOC) analyst who needs an assistant, Blackberry may have the solution for you.

The latest innovation will be available to CylanceAI customers, and will allow SOC teams to stay ahead of threats by using predictive cybersecurity to stay ahead of the curve. The AI is trained on private large language models (LLM) giving it an enhanced level of precision and data privacy.

More than just a robot

“BlackBerry pioneered the AI cybersecurity market and our commitment to innovation means we are once again at the forefront of the industry as we unveil our Generative AI powered cybersecurity assistant,” said Nathan Jenniges, SVP & GM Spark, Cybersecurity Business Unit, BlackBerry. 

“This new solution will enable our customers to modernize their SOC operations helping them to stay a step ahead of the adversary. It will be invaluable to CISOs in overcoming the challenges they face, including an evolving threat landscape and resource constraints.”

The generative AI solution will be able to predict the needs of its users, drastically improving workflow and cutting down the time required for threat research. The initial release of this cybersecurity AI will be restricted to a limited group of CylanceAI customers.

“Generative AI has the potential to deliver tremendous economic value, making it an area of focus for BlackBerry. Our patent portfolio already includes Generative AI,” said Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer, BlackBerry.

“Throughout our innovations we take our commitment to delivering enterprise-grade solutions seriously – innovations that deliver value rather than react to hype.”

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