Adobe announces new Firefly-powered services that let you train your own AI models

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AI is about to become a lot more useful for brands and businesses with Adobe's reveal of new Firefly Services and Custom Models. 

At its Adobe Summit 2024 event, the company announced new generative AI features for creating, editing, and maintaining brand assets. 

Powered by Adobe Firefly, the introduction of Firefly Services introduces a host of time-saving tools for creative and marketing teams. Custom Models, meanwhile, is an even more intriguing proposition. With these, organizations can use original content to train AI models for brand-specific assets. 

What are Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models?

The announcement is one of several to come out of this year’s digital experience event, where generative AI is expected to play a central role. 

Embedded into Creative Cloud apps, Firefly Services offers twenty-plus APIs, services, and tools designed, like all good automation, to cut out the more banal and repetitive tasks that take up too much time for creative teams. Adobe highlighted localization, personalization, and asset generation as some of the core uses here. Keen to promote inter-departmental harmony, of course, Adobe explained that Firefly Services will help designers support marketing teams who, in today’s online market, need high-quality, high-speed brand-accurate assets. 

Custom Models are an especially interesting new addition, since, according to the company, they “enable enterprises to train and customize models. By fine tuning their versions of Firefly models, organizations can generate content specific to their products and brand.” Users can “fine-tune” those AI models with 10 to 20 branded assets. There’s a particular allure to an AI art generator or logo maker that implicitly knows your current brand guidelines back to front, delivering brand consistency across assets produced across marketing and creative teams. 

“As consumer expectations around generative AI-driven personalisation continue to rise, Firefly Services and Custom Models are first-of-its-kind offerings that unlock the possibility for brands to have powerful customisation capabilities and more control in defining their automation processes. Brands are urgently looking to Adobe to shift their generative AI investments from playgrounds to production,” said David Wadhwani, president, Digital Media Business, Adobe. 

Firefly Services and Custom Models are available now. And for the security-conscious, organizations have access to strict governance and security controls to protect all content, data, and workflows. 

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