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Bare Bones Yojimbo 2.1 review

Mac swamped in clutter you can't bear to throw away? This tool can tidy up

Bare Bones Yojimbo 2.1
Tags let you group, and search for, files according to user categories

Our Verdict

Efficiently sort out the files that lack a logical home on your Mac


  • Easy to set up and start using
  • Tags let you classify files
  • Integration with web browsers


  • Not all file types are supported

The founder of Bare Bones Software calls Yojimbo a 'digital junk drawer'. It's an honest description of a tool that won't transform your Mac life, but helps you rationalise and keep track of odd documents that inevitably accumulate on your hard drive.

You can copy files to Yojimbo in many text and image formats, as well as PDF and HTML, and tag them with descriptive keywords if you wish, then dump the originals in the Trash.

Importing documents is easy, via either drag and drop or a dialog, and if you want to import a non-supported file type (such as a spreadsheet), you can print a PDF directly to Yojimbo from an app that does support it.

Bookmarklets are also provided to let you export pages from your web browser into Yojimbo, and text or URLs can be dispatched from apps via keyboard shortcuts.

Once your junk is safely stored, you can search for tags or text, and use labelling and grouping options to bring order to the chaos. Other handy features include document encryption.

It all works – everything is extremely configurable. The Help facility is useful, and you can sync with MobileMe. Yojimbo doesn't make you work hard – you can just use it as an alternative to a cluttered Desktop if you like, or take a more rigorous approach by tagging thoroughly.

Yojimbo 2

Version 2 brings new tagging features, as well as incremental improvements elsewhere. In the next upgrade, we'd like to see support for more file types.

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