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Kodak Hero 7.1 review

All-in-one unit for wireless printing from a range of devices

Kodak Hero 7.1
Kodak claims its Hero printers are cheaper to run, thanks to affordable inks


  • Large and responsive touchscreen
  • Good print quality
  • Range of connectivity options


  • Slow start-up
  • No explanations for certain options provided
  • Some colour inaccuracies

One of four models in Kodak's new Hero line of all-in-one printers, the Hero 7.1 prints, scans and copies, and comes equipped with a range of options for wireless printing.

This varies from sending items to print over a Wi-Fi connection to compatibility with Google's Cloud Print and Kodak's Email Print Ready services, and printing directly from smartphones and tablets.

The printer also boasts a 2400dpi scanner that can copy images and documents in full colour before sending them to print.

There's a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen on the front of the unit, and, as with the Kodak Hero 5.1, Hero 6.1 and Hero 9.1, Kodak claims that the new unit is particularly ink efficient and that the inks themselves are priced below those of its competitors.

It takes around 45 seconds for the printer to fully ready itself upon power up, although shutting down only takes a couple of seconds.

The screen's responsiveness makes light work of selecting its various options, while its size enables all controls to be easily displayed and touched.

Scanning times average out at around 28 seconds for colour copies and just over 20 for black and white, while A4 prints typically emerge in around 90 seconds, or less for smaller sizes.

Print quality is very good with regards to detail, although the printer does have a tendency to lean towards a slightly yellowy-green cast, with neutral skin tones appearing a little yellow and blue skies printing with a cyan bias.


Overall, then, while isn't the best choice for more critical photographic work, its decent print quality and range of connection options do still mean it's a convenient option for the home and small office.