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Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse review

The sleek clicker, now with Bluetooth

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse - here to save the day

Our Verdict

A refined version of the popular Mac mouse


  • Tremendous wireless range

    Ultra-sensitive laser tracking

    Works with one or two batteries

    Stylish appearance

    Comfortable to use


  • Weighty price tag

You'll remember the tale of the three blind mice. The farmer's wife cut off their tails with a carving knife. Well, it seems that the cold-hearted vixen is at it again, as here before us is yet another tail-less mouse.

As its name suggests, this is a wireless version of Apple's popular Mighty Mouse. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Mac, and provides laser tracking for extra sensitivity. So, let's see how it runs...

It doesn't ship with a wireless adaptor; you need either a Bluetooth-equipped Mac, or a suitable dongle from some third party. With either of these items in place, the wireless range is impressive. Working backwards with the mouse, we were able to control the on-screen cursor right up to the point where we could no longer make it out.

Apple reckons that the laser tracking makes this model 20 times more accurate than an optical mouse. This is hard to test. It's certainly a quick, responsive controller, and illustrators will benefit from the pixel-perfect accuracy. What's more, it functions supremely on all manner of surfaces, even the dreaded dirty desk. Still, if we're honest, most users won't notice much of a difference from Apple's previous mice.

The wireless Mighty Mouse will work with one or two AA batteries, with no effect on that substantial range. Two batteries are supplied, and using both will prolong the period before you have to change them, but it also makes the mouse heavier. That aside, this model is much the same as its corded predecessor. Left- and right-clicking, the 360- degree scroll ball and force-sensitive side buttons all make a comeback, as do customisation options in the software. It all adds up to a very comfortable user experience.

There are certainly cheaper wireless mice available. However, the tremendous range, laser-guided accuracy and sleek style of this model make it the most desirable rodent we've ever placed our paws on.