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Samsung 470 Series SSD 256GB review

Throwing its hat in the memory controller ring

Our Verdict

The SandForce SSD controller is due a spanking. Improved as it is, Samsung's latest isn't the drive to do it.


  • Solid spec and performance
  • Comes with drive-cleaner app for non Win7 users


  • Only has a 3Gbps interface
  • SandForce-powered drives are still faster

It's a peculiarity of the current market for solid state drives that a largely unheralded little outfit known as SandForce makes the dominant SSD controller chipset. Not, perhaps, for much longer. The big boys are fighting back and one of the early salvos takes the form of the new Samsung SSD 470 Series 256GB.

In terms of claimed data throughput, it puts Samsung right back in the game with claimed sequential read and write performance of 250MB/s and 220MB/s.

For context, the SandForce based Corsair Force F240 240GB weighs in with theoretical throughputs of 285MB/s and 275MB/s.

As for maximum IOPs, the Samsung SSD 470 Series 256GB is a little further off the pace with ratings of 31,000 for reads and 21,000 for writes.

Corsair says the F240 cranks out 50,000 IOPs.

However, when it comes to SSDs, the official specifications don't always square precisely with real-world performance.

Let's see just what this new Sammy is capable of.