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Apevia X-QPack 2 review

A case that will impress your mates, but do little else

The X-QPack 2 makes a great first impression, but upon closer inspection we reckon it's one to aviod

Our Verdict

Flashy, but fails to deliver the good which we would expect at this price point


  • Looks quite impressive


  • Questionable build quality
  • Unjustified price

If you want a cool-looking case, one that shows off the inner workings of your cold-cathode-tubed beast.

Apevia obviously agree and so we have the awkwardly titled X-QPack 2, a micro-ATX case shrouded in perspex panelling.

Dodgy layout

Unfortunately it's a bit rubbish. Let's start with the obvious LAN-gaming extra this Shuttle-wannabe has attached to its front; the retractable handle.

Now, if I'd got hundreds or even thousands of pounds of PC componentry sat happily inside my wee case, the last thing I want to do is tip it on its back to carry about. I'd be even less happy to do so if the handle felt as flimsy as this sprung accident in waiting.

The layout inside would be fairly neat were it not for the fact that any sizeable CPU cooler is a no-no with the bars supporting the 5.25-inch optical bays getting in the way.

Reasonable build quality

Build quality is okay, but the sharp edges of the aluminium chassis ended up scratching the windows in our review piece, ruining the chances of ever impressing your peers. And for nearly £80, the build quality should be a little more than just okay.

That neatly brings us to the big problem of price: you could maybe justify around £30 for the case, but this close to the ton makes it one to avoid.