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Majestic SEO Tools review

One of the best backlink checkers you can use today.

Majestic SEO
(Image: © Majestic)

Our Verdict

Its top tier packages might not be cheap, but Majestic is a user-friendly and reliable option if you want to find out what’s going on with your website’s SEO performance.


  • Based on a database containing over 8 trillion URLs
  • Track site performance in real-time
  • Evaluate competitor websites to improve your own
  • Easy-to-interpret stats and charts


  • Lite and Pro packages only include one user account
  • Understanding more advanced functions may take time
  • Historic Index tool not included in the basic plan

Majestic SEO, now known as simply “Majestic”, is Search engine Optimization (SEO) tool that surveys the internet for links to your website. The company behind the product is based in the UK and claims to have built the world’s largest “Link Intelligence” database. A link database is essentially a map of the internet that tracks every website that links to your pages.

Majestic uses this information to reveal all sorts of insights to help you do better when it comes to internet search positioning. As you’ll find out in this Majestic SEO review, the sheer size of the database behind this software means it produces better results than most backlink checking tools.

Plans and Pricing

There are three different Majestic pricing tiers ranging from the $41.67 Lite package to a fully-featured API option that can stretch up to $1,599.99 per month, depending on how many search resources you need access to.

Majestic SEO 2

(Image credit: Majestic)

Majestic’s Lite plan is intended for individuals or businesses who only need to do a low level of backlink checking. It gives you access to most of the key tools included with the other packages such as a Majestic’s Fresh Index (more on that later), and lists of referring domains. However, the Lite package comes with just one user account and limits you to 5,000 index item units and 1,000,000 analyzable backlinks. If you pay month-to-month, the Majestic Lite costs $49.99, but an annual subscription reduces the price to $41.67 per month.

The mid-range Pro plan costs $99.99 per month with monthly payments and $83.33 per month if you’re willing to pay for a year at once. Although this package still only includes a single user account, it adds plenty of extra features such as a Key Word Checker and Backlink History tool. Pro users also get upgraded resource access including 125,000 index item units and 20 million analyzable backlinks.

Finally, Majestic’s top of the line API plan gives developers access to the underlying code of the Majestic system so they can integrate it into their own platforms. Prices here range from $333.33 per month to $1,599.99 per month depending on whether you want to pay monthly and how analysis units you require access to each month.


The Majestic platform is built on an enormous Link Intelligence database containing, according to Majestic’s latest count, nearly 9 trillion unique URLs. As millions of new sites and articles are created every day online, building a completely-comprehensive database of links between every website on the internet is nearly impossible, but Majestic gets closer to doing so than most.

However, simply having access to a huge database isn’t much good without useful features that allow you to easily extract meaningful conclusions from it. Fortunately, Majestic also stands out when it comes to features such as “mutual link” pages that show you all the connections between two sites and side-by-side comparisons that display the top metrics of multiple URLs on one page.

 Easy-to-Interpret Metrics

On the other hand, the Fresh Index changes from day-to-day when new links are added to your site across the web. It’s a great tool to understand the impact of your latest press release or site re-design.

While most users will be drawn to the Majestic product for its ability to generate informative, in-depth information about their sites, there’s no question that simple metrics that can be understood in one glance are of great value.

To this end, Majestic users get access to two simple site indexes: a “Historic Index” and a “Fresh Index”. Why two? Well, the Historic Index is based on a database that has accumulated over the last five years, allowing you to see how your site’s SEO performance has changed over time.

Majestic SEO 3

(Image credit: Majestic )

Site Explorer

Getting hold of a detailed breakdown of the performance of a single domain or URL is easy to do through the Majestic Site Explorer tool. Users with any subscription get access to this page where you can see stats such as your number of referring domains and external backlinks (and how those numbers have changed over time).

Interface and In Use

Getting familiar with the Majestic system could hardly be easier. That’s impressive given the sheer volume of different stats and metrics Majestic gives you access to. Most tools can be accessed through your profile at, but a simplified interface for examining backlinks is also available as a Google Chrome plugin.

On the main Majestic site, switching between different features can be done through a simple “Tools” menu at the top of the page. The Majestic interface obviously differs from tool to tool, but in general, pages are laid out nicely with a simple color scheme and large stats and diagrams to draw your eye to the most important information first.

Majestic SEO 4

(Image credit: Majestic )

One of the most useful figures you’ll find on the Majestic Site Explorer information page is a Trust Flow against Citation Flow scatter plot, which is called a “Link Profile”. At a glance, this chart will tell you how the overall trustworthiness of a URL relates to the number of times it’s been linked to by external sites.

Majestic SEO 5

(Image credit: Majestic )

One key factor that determines any web page’s SEO performance is the number of backlinks it receives from trusted sources. Majestic’s Backlink History checker lets you do this and its interface makes the data easy to interpret. You can either order backlinking sites by their trust score or enter a color-coded view that visually distinguishes URLs by their scores on individual topics.


If you run into trouble using some of Majestic’s more advanced tools, you can find help through the Majestic Help Centre which contains a great deal of information as well as a Majestic API Reference Guide. Should you need further assistance, you can send a query to the Majestic technical support team via email.

Majestic SEO 6

(Image credit: Majestic)

The Competition

The size of Majestic’s link connection database sets it apart from alternative SEO tools such as Serpstat, which is similarly priced, making it likely that Majestic will produce more accurate results when analyzing your site. Majestic also easily beats out more basic SEO tools such as SEO Spider and Yoast SEO which aren’t capable of producing the kind of detailed insights that this product can.

Final Verdict

Majestic SEO is an awesome tool for owners of single websites and developers of search ranking tools alike. It does more than just give you access to an enormous database of internet page links, it also makes it easy to compare the performance of specific URLs and access actionable metrics that could completely change the way you do digital marketing.