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Apple Watch 2 teardown shows significant changes

Better battery
Better battery

Seconds out, round two. The Apple Watch Series 2 has been given time by the iFixit teardown guys as they pick out the improved battery, GPS and all important water-proofing.

If we were being hyperbolic we'd suggest that the interiors of a timepiece haven't been this fascinating since Leonardo Da Vinci decided his clock wasn't cutting it. But we're not, obviously.

The Apple Watch 2 is an interesting device however, and the move from Apple to make it swim ready has enforced some significant changes under the hood, not least stronger glue.


That all-important boosted battery is a 4.35v 273 mAh offering - which is apparently 32% more powerful than its predecessor and obviously necessary for a watch that now boasts GPS.

The Taptic engine was the beating heart of the previous watch, and it is still taking up a chunk of the space to give the haptic feedback and interestingly there have been significant changes to the antenna.

The iFixit teardown is ongoing, so we'll update when things have been wrapped up, but it's always eye-opening to see just how much can be jammed in that tiny space.

Patrick Goss

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