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Download of the day: McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger

Use McAfee Stinger if you want to clear out an infection on your computer and restore it to a clean bill of health.

Why you need it

If you know you PC is infected with malware, you'll need a program like McAfee Stinger. This free tool targets worms, trojans and viruses already lurking on your computer, then rapidly destroys them to leave your PC infection-free once more.

Why, you ask, do you need McAfee Stinger when your own antivirus software already exterminates threats? Well, Stinger is a much more targeted tool, searching in the registry and directories that viruses use to avoid the long scans performed by your antivirus program. That means Stinger can find threats that your regular software may well miss.

There's no installation required, just double click on the .exe file to load up McAfee Stinger. That makes it ideal for when you need to eliminate a threat as quickly as possible.

NOTE: McAfee Stinger is not a replacement for your normal virus scanner. You should scan your system regularly using antivirus software to look for infections; if you find anything, you can then use McAfee Stinger to rid yourself of the infection.

Key features

  • Works on: PC
  • Versions: Free
  • Find threats: McAfee Stinger looks in places that viruses are known to hide – places that your antivirus software may miss
  • Clean your system: Target and delete all known infections on your computer

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