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Google enlists Samsung's KNOX for enterprise BYOD features

Samsung Knox
Google's adopting Samsung Knox

Samsung and Google have announced at Google IO that some of Samsung KNOX's technology will be integrated in the next version of Android, known as Android L.

Details of the agreement are not known but it appears that KNOX's DNA will be available to the core open-source Android platform.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Engineering for Android, said "[Android is] grateful for [Samsung's] contribution to the Android open source project" before adding "Jointly we are bringing enterprise-grade security and management capabilities to all manufacturers participating in the Android ecosystem."

Knox will be instrumental to allow the mobile operating system to serve two personae of the same user; one at work and one outside home. It uses a separate container to manage and secure business data and apps.

Where's Divide?

The announcement comes as a surprise as Google acquired an enterprise BYOD firm called Divide back in May, one that offered a solution that directly competes with KNOX. Whether or not Google will merge Divide with KNOX or whether KNOX is a short-term solution remains to be seen.

The Google/Samsung joint announcement was one of many geared towards a business audience which Google and its partners are keen to tap.

Chrome OS running Android apps, unlimited storage on Google Drive for $10 (about £6, AU$11) per user per month and numerous other smaller improvements to Google Apps may convince businesses to jump ship.

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