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Belkin's snazzy new N router has a screen!

The N1 Vision has a full LCD display

Belkin has sent us a heads-up for its new draft 802.11n spec router - and the clue's in the name. The N1 Vision has a full LCD display that can show your broadband download speed, who's connected to your wireless network and what their speeds are. A bit superfluous perhaps, but it's just another way for Belkin to try and differentiate its kit in an increasingly crowded draft-802.11n market. However, as our editor says, it's not much use if your router is behind your sofa - though we did tell him it's not the best place to put your router...

The router's screen can also display a guest access key should you want it to plus the Vision is fully compliant with draft 2.0 of the 802.11n standard, the latest iteration available. There are also four Gigabit Ethernet ports available.

All this isn't cheap, however - the new box will cost £149 and will be available from November.

See a flash video for the new kit.