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Mobile CPUs breach 1GHz barrier

More powerful CPUs will soon bring us richer mobile experiences

Yesterday we got wind of the possibility of future iPhones coming with processors four times as powerful as those they have now, and today we have news of a new 1GHz+ mobile CPU from Marvell.

The new PXA168 processor has already been shown in tests to beat similar chips from other manufacturers by a large margin, which suggests that near-future mobile devices could be more capable than ever.

Kitchen sink

Marvell says these could include, "connected digital photo frames, portable navigation devices, portable media players, automotive dashboard displays and infotainment systems, home automation, portable TVs, digital signage and other devices that utilize internet connectivity, media processing and touch screen interfaces."

As if that weren't enough, the PXA168 consumes relatively small amounts of power and is slated to be pushed beyond 1GHz as the need arrives.

We're betting it won't be long before we see more Marvell CPUs in smartphones, and possibly even in entry-level PCs as well.