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Jabra's revamped Elite Sport headphones boost battery and audio performance

In our extensive review of the original Jabra Elite Sport wireless headphones, we called the in-ear earbuds "near perfect". Clearly, Jabra saw this as a challenge, announcing a new and improved set of Jabra Elite Sport headphones today that promises improved sound quality and up to 50% longer battery life. 

According to Jabra, the upgraded headphones will grant the user 4.5 hours from one charge and up to 13.5 hours when used in conjunction with the included charging case. 

The new Jabra Elite Sport will offer new and advanced equaliser profiles so that the user can adjust the music listening experience to their liking, as well as  improvements to the overall quality of phone call audio. The advanced heart rate monitor is also back, though no word on whether this has been improved. 

Like the previous Jabra Elite Sport, the new headphones carry an IP67 rating water resistance rating, allowing them to be submerged to a depth of 1-metre for up to 30 minutes, with Jabra also offering a 3-year warranty against sweat damage. 

The updated Jabra Elite Sport headphones are available now at $249.99 (£229.99/AU$349.99) through selected retailers and the Jabra website