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Ireland's largest ISP to block illegal P2P sites

Eircom looking to block P2P sites
Eircom looking to block P2P sites

Ireland's largest ISP, Eircom, has announced that it is to begin blocking illegal file-sharing websites. The deal means that the web provider will dodge an Irish Recorded Music Association lawsuit.

In a move that will potentially blacklist hundreds of file-sharing websites, Eircom is awaiting the list of sites that the IRMA deems to be unlawfully sharing music, and has said it will not oppose any ban request.

The IRMA represents EMI, Sony-BMG, Universal and Warner – the four big music labels.

Pirate Bay named

If Eircom sticks to its word, then it will become the first European ISP to do a wholesale ban on illegal filesharing sites.

First on the list is Pirate Bay – although the website doesn't actually host any illegal content, only links.

The IRMA is asking all ISPs in Ireland to follow suit, with BT, UPC and various mobile operators yet to confirm their position. If the ISPs don't agree to the IRMA's terms, then a court order will be applied for.

Via the Sunday Business Post