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Digg stops shouting, starts sharing

Digg - STOP SHOUTING!!!111
Digg - STOP SHOUTING!!!111

Digg will drop its controversial 'Shout' functionality and replace it with a share option that ties in with Facebook and Twitter.

The hugely popular aggregation site has taken the decision to drop 'Shout' which many users felt was being used either to propagate spam or tighten the grip of the so-called power users on the site's front page.

The function essentially allowed people to push their own submission (or the ones that they favoured) to a network of friends – obviously opening the door to abuse.

No more shouts

"We've elected to remove shouts in favour of more popular sharing options, based on user feedback and broader market research," a Digg spokesperson told the excellent Readwriteweb.

The new share feature will continue the move towards other social networks, allowing people to email, tweet or share on Facebook their favourite Digg links.

Facebook and Twitter are already becoming more central to Digg's progression, with the arrival of Facebook Connect bringing Digg to a new audience.

Of course, some are already suggesting that Digg is merely moving the same issues that beset 'shouts' onto another forum, but only time will tell.

The changes are scheduled to arrive this week.