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Home ent heavyweights team up for Project Grass

AV industry clubbing together
AV industry clubbing together

Big names from the world of home entertainment and audio have decided to come together to create an industry body which will help tackle the sales decline in the AV industry.

Project Grass is a work in progress title for a new industry trade association that's being headed up by BADA (British AV Dealers Association) and it is planned that the new committee will help manufacturers, distributors, retailers, consultants and the media in all aspects of the AV industry.

Tough times

"Let us not pretend that times aren't tough for our businesses. There are a wide range of pressures coming to bear on us, consumer confidence is at an all time low and the GfK sales statistics show a 20% decline in CE sales year on year," said Simon Byles, chairman of BADA.

"The industry has said it wants a trade association that represents and works for all parties, to help promote the benefits of buying home entertainment products from specialist manufacturers and quality retailers.

"Project Grass is intended to fulfil this need and I would implore anyone who is serious about securing the future for our industry to come along on 4 July and get involved. We can only do this together."

For more about the Project Grass, head over to and see how you can get involved.

Marc Chacksfield

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