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Sony to slash price of PlayStation 3 in UK?

Sony is about to slash the price of the PS3 in the UK and Europe

Sony is set to make a price-related PlayStation 3 announcement in Europe on Thursday. It's almost certain that SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) is going to announce a PS3 price cut similar to the one that just went down in the USA .

Are we about to see a 100-euro PS3 price cut? That would take around £68 from the UK price, bringing it down towards the £330 mark. That's about £100 more than the Xbox 360 Premium console.

Some sources though are indicating that the announcement will involve "added value" and won't be an actual price cut per se, according to our sister site CVG .

This morning, Sony told CVG that it would be making a European pricing announcement on Thursday in regard to the PS3, but no other details were revealed.

Earlier today, Sony finally confirmed a $100 PS3 price cut in the US. It also made the almost-surprising announcement that the 80GB version of the console which launched in Korea in June will go on sale in the US next month.

PS3 set for UK price cut

The exact details of the UK announcement are not yet known. But make sure you click back to on Thursday to find out exactly what's going on.