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Freecom unveils 'world's smallest' 3.5" HDD

Freecom's designer external hard drive
Freecom's designer external hard drive

Freecom has launched what it calls the 'world's smallest' 3.5-inch desktop hard drive – with the 'Hard Drive XS' offering up to 1TB of storage.

Freecom's drive has apparently been designed in collaboration with Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz, who apparently likes black rectangles that look a bit like external hard drives.

Perhaps more importantly from a tech point of view is a rubber grip that minimises vibration, no fan, meaning quiet operation and a weight of 860g.

The drive has a Turbo USB2.0 connection and is designed for both home and professional users.

Space, the final frontier?

"With the explosion of Web 2.0 applications and new media – from digital photos and 'home videos' to downloaded music and TV programmes, computer users are running out of places to store their data," said Axel Lucassen, co-founder and executive senior VP of product line management and marketing.

"Whether at home or in the office, space is one of the things we value most.

"The compact and stylish design of the Hard Drive XS takes up less room in your bag and looks sleek on your desk, but also provides plenty of extra storage for your data".