Yes, there's a Fall Guys Monopoly set and still no Switch or Xbox release

Fall Guys monopoly set board game Amazon box
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has its own monopoly set and you can buy it right now via Amazon.

Announced via the game's official Twitter account, it's currently only available in the US, but will release worldwide at a later undisclosed date.

Considering Fall Guys in concept is much closer to game shows like Takeshi's Castle and Wipeout, it doesn't really seem like a good fit for something as slow-paced and methodical as Monopoly.

However, rather than just slap a Fall Guys aesthetic over the classic board game, this set has its own unique mechanics and rules meant to emulate Fall Guys' chaotic nature.

It comes with interactive obstacles that you place on the board (yes, including Big Yeetus) which can be activated by rolling a Knockout die. This can also let you move other players and collect Kudos, which replaces money as the main currency.

Your ultimate objective is to gather Kudos and use them to buy Rounds rather than properties. Whoever makes the most Kudos wins. Crowns can be earned by passing Go and each one adds 10,000 Kudos at the end of the game.

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A consolation prize?

While a novel and unique take on Monopoly, it is unlikely to serve as a decent alternative for Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners.

As a reminder, Fall Guys is currently only available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game were announced in February of last year. 

It was meant to release the following summer, but wound up being delayed and currently lacks a new release window.

Hopefully, these versions will not only release this year, but also come with crossplay so everyone can enjoy Fall Guys together regardless of which platform they're on.

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