This is probably the best laptop charger in the world

Zolt Power charger

Laptop chargers are probably one of the more frustrating aspects for mobile workers as flexible working and telecommuniting become an integral aspect of the modern workplace.

While laptops now consume less energy, their battery capacities have often been reduce, either to cut down on physical dimensions (and weight) or to cut cost.

This translates into the need to lug your charger and accompanying wires to top up your laptop. Until now universal laptop chargers were expensive, big and heavy.

The Zolt laptop charger plus aims to change this. It claims to be the world's smallest laptop charger and still manages to deliver a whopping 70W of power to a laptop and two other devices via three USB ports.

Its octagonal, elongated shape might not be to everyone's taste but it does provide with a decent amount of grip and it sports 90-degree rotatable prongs to allow it to fit in tight spaces.

The device, which landed in Europe at IFA 2015, will go on sale in Europe later this year for £79.99 ($79.99, about AU$115).

The charger, which is nothing short of revolutionary, is covered by more than 100 issued/filed patents including one that ensures that automatically regulates power to each connected mobile device, to ensure fastest charging and longest battery life.

Surprisingly, the 19V, 3.68A PSU uses the classic USB connector to deliver the required power to the laptop; the accompanying box contains a rather slim charging cable and eight universal PC tips, which caters for 90% of the market.

Intel, which has vested interest in the laptop business, and Khosla Ventures have backed the company.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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