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Google Maps
Even Google isn't beyond the long arm of the law

In spite of – or, possibly, because of – its success, Google can sometimes seem more than a little smug, which is why we derive some strange pleasure from this image of the tech giant getting a ticket from the cops.

More precisely, one of the Google Maps image-capturing cars is seen receiving notice over some sort of driving infraction in San Francisco. How we laughed.

Lipstick, frocks and DRM

Still on the slightly silly tip, how about this page from the US edition of Cosmopolitan magazine offering suggestions advising readers to save money by ripping CDs to MP3 and sharing them with friends. Naughty Cosmo.

If you're interested, author Bethany Heitman is also responsible for amazing advice columns like this pleasure-focused little number here – probably best read with a stiff drink to hand.

Five seconds of pleasure

Or then there's this Japanese stopwatch with a wrinkle – the 'Five-Second Stadium' revisits that old game some of us may have played as kids of trying to stop the timer dead on a certain mark; five seconds in this case.

Being from Bandai, there's a twist of course – the ticking clock isn't actually displayed, meaning you need to 'feel' the time and make yourself one with the fractions. Get it wrong and various irate characters in the watch soon let you know.

Fair use under scrutiny

Getting serious for once, The IHT is reporting that Associated Press is looking into regulating how websites report its news second-hand or even just comment on the issues.

The AP is concerned about protecting copyright, particularly when faced with certain sites that think it's OK to copy stories wholesale.

That policy is, of course, fine by us, but AP appears to be having problems working out what is fair use or not.

One website even received a takedown notice over its quoting of a mere 39 words from an AP story. We haven't heard the last of this.

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