Intrexx Business Adapter provides bridge for SAP data

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United Planet has released a development tool to enable companies to integrate SAP data into any compiled web application using the Open Data web protocol (OData).

Named the Intrexx Business Adapter 1.0, it is certified by SAP, a leading provider of business software, and powered by the company's NetWeaver platform.

United Planet, an enterprise portal software developer which includes thousands of midsized companies among its customers, says that using the interface in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver Gateway enables users to exploit the new licensing models offered by SAP.

It says the OData web protocol enables the easy and simple integration into, and processing of, data on the majority of technology platforms and development environments. These properties are made available to the user via the new functionality provided by the Intrexx Business Adapter 1.0.

United Planet's Chief Executive Officer, Axel Wessendorf, explains: "Previous solutions have always been limited to a very precisely specified and implemented service, for example, business partner addresses.

"With the Intrexx Adapter for SAP NetWeaver Gateway, we have taken a different path. Thanks to the generic approach, every user is able to choose which services or data they wish to include in their applications or portal. This provides increased flexibility in a much more simplified way".

In addition, a Mobile Assistant function integrated into Intrexx makes it possible to deliver applications with SAP data to mobile devices.