IBM reveals Kenexa Talent Suite for improved HR

IBM hopes its work into Big Data and analytics pays off with Kadexa

IBM has announced its new human resources tool, the Kenexa Talent Suite. The New York-based company acquired Kenexa, a provider of talent management solutions, for $1.3 billion in January 2012.

The IBM Kenexa talent Suite can be used by HR professionals to analyse and sort large volumes of data – such as by experience, skills and interests – in order to create models for what makes successful employees.

It includes three pieces of software: Talent Acquisition, for assessments and onboarding, Talent Optimisation for performance management and compensation management and Social Networking for increased productivity and social discovery.

Those models can then be used to pursue new candidates through social marketing and recruiting. According to IBM, using the Talent Suite will allow companies to hire the best talent in the jobs market to develop its workforce successfully.

Big data for big results

According to a study of chief human resource officers (CHROs) performed by IBM, only half of the organisations it surveyed use workforce analytics, with even fewer using predictive analysis.

On top of the recruitment suite, IBM is also offering customers its new foray into Big Data with Watson Foundations, where the company has used its knowledge from building the supercomputer of Jeopardy fame to create tools for analytics and insights.

Customers using IBM's recruitment solutions include Caterpillar, Cabela's, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and network entertainment company AMC.